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Daikin has again signed a first in its sector with its new product!
Daikin has again signed a first in its sector with its new product!

Daikin, which sets the standards of the air conditioning sector with its technological superiority, importance on R & Dec and innovation, continues to lead the sector with its environmentally friendly products. Continuing its work in this direction, Daikin brought Turkey's first VRV product working with an environmentally friendly new generation R32 refrigerant to the sector with a launch. “Our work raising the bar on sustainability will continue,” said Daikin Turkey CEO Hasan Önder, who made statements at the digital launch and heralded a new investment of $ 53 million.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Daikin, who leads the air conditioning sector with his inventions, technological superiority and environmentalism, continues to implement the theme of “creating a sustainable future together". Active in 150 countries, Daikin currently represents a giant structure on a global basis with 313 subsidiaries and a total of 80,369 employees. The company, which takes an environmental stance at every opportunity with its innovative work, works intensively to improve the quality of the air we breathe and the life we live by using innovations and technologies in accordance with its mission. Global air conditioning demand is expected to more than triple current levels by 2050. In October, the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak further increased interest in issues such as air quality, ventilation and air purification. Daikin responds to growing needs both quantitative and qualitative, while stressing that its social mission is to provide the world with safe and healthy air environments and to reduce the effects of global warming at the highest possible level. 

In 2018, Daikin set a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050 with his Environmental Vision 2050. In this context, Daikin, which is progressing with specific goals and measures, supports this goal with the devices it produces. 97 percent of the residential air conditioners sold by Daikin in the world consist of environmentally friendly products. Emissions from the use of products have decreased by 70 percent compared to 2005. Daikin, which also reduced carbon emissions in production by 76 percent compared to fiscal year 2005, is moving with a net zero emissions target from production to sales, logistics to service. Daikin, Daikin Turkey on July 9, this goal and Vision 2021 at the press conference as a fruit of the plant, eco-friendly R32 refrigerant fluid once again stressed its commitment to sustainability by launching the first VRV system product. 


Daikin VRV refrigerant R32 production facilities in Sakarya, Turkey performed at the launch of Daikin Turkey CEO Hasan Önder introducing the product of the first fluid system, Daikin's environmental mission in his speech while explaining the brand's R & D emphasized the importance of and said: “Daikin R & D, innovation and technology leader in the air conditioning sector with open Dec.  Daikin has two very large technology centers in Japan and the United States. He invested $ 300 million in the Center for technology and innovation in Japan. There are 25 R & D centers around the world Dec. And about 8 thousand engineers work in these centers. As a result of our research and development centers, even at CERN today Decikin's high-tech products are being used. Daikin publishes an average of about 300 patents annually globally and decouples a significant part of its budget to R & D and innovation. Although there was a contraction in our sector during the pandemic period, we as Daikin Turkey did not change our investment goals. Daikin is acting with five-year plans. That's why we haven't decimated any budget cuts, especially in our R & D investments. Since we are acting according to the Japanese fiscal calendar, we entered the year 2021 in April. The ratio of R & D expenses to turnover rose to 0.7 per cent from 0.5 per cent Dec. In our 2022 R & D investment plans, we aim to raise this level at the same rate.Dec.” 


The R32 mini VRV 5-S, which is a revolution in the industry, maximizes both efficiency and environmental characteristics thanks to the R32 refrigerant with 68 percent lower global warming potential (GWP). In addition, the newly developed mini VRV 5-s series, which includes many innovations, provides installation flexibility with its compact structure. 5 the device, which can operate at low volume, is an ideal environment for high air flow thanks to its new fan, which is asymmetrically designed. The device, which can be integrated with the home intelligent automation interface, also provides online and voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Now as an option Dec.


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