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Dealership period begins in crypto currency trading!
Dealership period begins in crypto currency trading!

The interest of global companies in Turkey, which is one of the leading markets of Europe and the world in the field of crypto money, is increasing. Finally, the world crypto giant Pundi X has decided to enter the Turkish market with the dealership model it has designed for entrepreneurs who want to create new income options for their existing business or establish their own crypto currency trading office. While the company opens its first branch in Istanbul Sirkeci, it will position its crypto currency buying/selling points in 100 points in all cities across Turkey, especially in Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Adana, Antalya and Cyprus.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Interest in cryptocurrencies is increasing day by day in Turkey as well as all over the world. According to a study conducted by the World Economic Forum (WEF), Turkey ranks fourth in the world with 16% and first in Europe among the countries with the highest interest in cryptocurrencies. This table also makes our country an important market for global companies in cryptocurrency trading. Finally, the world crypto giant Pundi X, which offers the opportunity to buy / sell crypto money in 30 seconds via XPOS devices, entered the Turkish market. The company, which aims to grow by giving a limited number of Pundi X dealerships in the first stage, will cooperate with entrepreneurs who want to establish their own crypto currency trading office or create an additional income item for their business. Pundi X dealers, where all technological infrastructure, installation and marketing support will be provided, will create physical points that serve just like exchange offices in crypto money purchase / sale transactions.

First branch opened in Sirkeci

In the statement made by the company, it was stated that the first Pundi X dealer was opened in Istanbul Sirkeci and the dealer network to be established in the coming period will be limited to 100 points in the first stage. While it is aimed that one fourth of the dealers will be in Istanbul; Dealerships will be given to local investors throughout Turkey, especially in Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Antalya and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Entrepreneurs who want to become a crypto currency dealer will be able to visit the Pundi X Turkey (pundixturkiye.com) website and choose one of the 4 dealership options, including the installation of all technological infrastructure and marketing materials, and apply to any of the dealership options starting from 1500 dollars, which are determined specifically for the launch.

Sharing his views on the subject, Hakan Akyüz, General Manager of Pundi X Turkey Official Distributor OVO Digital Services A.Ş., said, “We have been following the results of our intensive work for about 1 year to offer the unique technological infrastructure of Pundi X to the use of consumers and entrepreneurs in our country. We are extremely happy to see you. With special POS machines called XPOS, our smart cards XPASS and our digital wallet application XWallet can be used to complete cryptocurrency purchases/sells within 30 seconds. Pundi X dealers can trade with popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), Tether (USDT), PUNDIX. In this way, we have brought a unique technology to our country for consumers who are interested in cryptocurrencies, but have not invested yet. On the other hand, Pundi X is not only a money trading platform, but also offers an important income opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to start their own business in this field or for businesses that want to create additional income. Applications have started to be collected for Pundi X dealership opportunities, which will be given in limited numbers at the first stage.

Compliant with new cryptocurrency regulation

Pointing out that Pundi X is also in compliance with the regulation on the non-use of cryptocurrencies in payment transactions published by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey on April 16, 2021, Hakan Akyüz said, “On the Pundi X platform, both consumers and dealers will be able to carry out cryptocurrency purchases/sales with peace of mind. Moreover, there is no lower transaction limit on the platform. In other words, by visiting any Pundi X dealer, crypto money trading transactions can be made even in small amounts such as 5 TL.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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