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Turkey's responsible consumption and production projects are sought!
Turkey's responsible consumption and production projects are sought!

Our dream similar Cooperation Program launched by ZER, a company of Koç Group operating in the field of purchasing and supply chain management, to achieve the ideal of a better world in 2019 is waiting for project applications in the field of responsible consumption and production for the new period.

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İSTANBUL (TR) - Our responsibilities for our future are common, our dream is similar ' message started by Koç Group's purchasing and supply chain management company ZER, started the project applications for the third term in the dream similar Cooperation Program. With more than 700 customers from many different sectors and more than 20 thousand suppliers, the program aims to evaluate the impact power arising from the ecosystem it has created for a better world ideal.12 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. the article centers on the’ responsible consumption and production ' approach. Projects developed by ZER's customers and suppliers can be applied to the program under the headings ‘protection of Environment and Natural Resources’ and ‘changing the way of life in this direction’. Project applications can be made through our dream similar website until July 30, 2021. 

Application requirement Generation Y Project Ambassador

Our dream is to have a generation Y Project Ambassador among the criteria for applying for a similar Cooperation Program. With this criterion, young people with the vision and determination necessary to build a better future are encouraged to produce ideas and take action, and the program aims to grow with the energy of Generation Y employees.

The projects submitted are evaluated by a selection committee consisting of independent members with four criteria: impact potential, applicability, sustainability and efficiency. The development of the selected projects is monitored by ZER ambassadors for one year and it is aimed to increase the development momentum of the projects under the influence of Generation Y Project ambassadors.

“We aim to fulfill our responsibilities for the ideal of a better world”

Zer a.P. General Manager Mehmet Apak conveyed the importance of cooperation in creating change and transformation and the call of our dream similar Cooperation Program in the following words: “as Zer, we often emphasize the importance of the understanding of the ecosystem that says ‘we, not me’. We aim to strengthen our working ecosystem every day, with high world and environmental awareness, eager to create better in all areas. Our dream is to fulfill our responsibilities for a better world ideal together with our customers and suppliers with a similar Cooperation Program. We believe that by exploring steps that can be taken not only individually, but also institutionally, we will contribute to each of our stakeholders creating a wave of change in their ecosystem with the ideas and practices that will arise.”

Special attention to water-related projects in the new period of the program

While the world's population is growing rapidly, the need for water continues to increase every day due to declining water resources and increasing pollution. Believing that it is necessary to fight both individually and socially in order to protect natural water resources and prevent pollution in the Seas, which is an important part of the ecological cycle, Zer declared 2021 the ‘year of clean water, clean sea’ in order to draw attention to this issue. Among the applications to the program, projects related to waste management to save water and prevent pollution will be specially appreciated.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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