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Biotech initiative to introduce restless bowel syndrome treatment it has developed to the world
Biotech initiative to introduce restless bowel syndrome treatment it has developed to the world

The clinical study of restless Bowel Syndrome by Enbiosis, a domestic biotechnology company working on the gut microbiome, has made a voice on the international arena. Prof. Dr. Tarkan Karakan achieved 78% success rate in the treatment of the disease in his studies on his patients with the method developed by Enbiosis. The Turkish professor made a presentation at the world's largest international medical meeting in his field, Digest Disease Week.

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İSTANBUL (TR) - Gastroenterology Specialist Prof. Dr. Last year, Tarkan Karakan initiated a clinical trial for restless bowel syndrome with a microbiome-based personalized diet intervention program developed by the biotechnology initiative Enbiosis and started a clinical trial for restless bowel syndrome with the team he established under his roof and achieved 78% success in this disease.  In the world of Medicine is defined as work that resonates the world's largest international medical meeting, and each year 20 thousand physicians working in the field of Gastroenterology, researchers and academics in the large intestine host disease after being accepted as an oral presentation in the week, the American Gastroenterology Association (AGA) Gastroenterology the summary was published as one of the most prestigious magazines. 

“It concerns not only Turkey, but also the world” 

Prof. Dr. Tarkan Karakan said, " in our clinical study, we analyzed the intestinal flora of patients with restless bowel syndrome (IBS) using enbiosis intestinal bacteria analysis and applied a personalized nutrition strategy to regulate the intestinal flora. As a result of the study, 78% of the patients we applied the method reported that their symptoms decreased from severe to moderate. We believe that our success is an important step in proving the effectiveness of Personalized Health Solutions. And the attention we're seeing from the international arena is an indication of that. It is an issue that concerns not only Turkey, but also the world. The combination of personalized medicine and artificial intelligence is a very popular field in medicine,” he said. 

In private as well as prebiotics 

Based on the data obtained from clinical studies, Enbiosis Co-Founder Dr. Who mentioned that they have prepared a special prebiotic prescription for IBS disease as the first in the world Ufuk Nalbantoglu said: "prebiotics, often mixed with probiotics due to their similarity in name, are nutrient compounds that support the development of beneficial bacteria in the gut and cannot be digested. In addition to providing a specific nutritional strategy for IBS patients to their microbiome, we continue our work to structure the intestinal flora with prebiotics prepared specifically for this group of diseases. As a result of our R & D work, we will also make personalized prebiotics available. With the corporate agreements we have made, we will soon start to serve not only in Turkey, but also all over the world. The United States, Saudi Arabia, France, Ukraine and Germany are among the first countries where our service has started to spread.”

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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