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Pearson's Career Academy program to chart career path for 8 million college students
Pearson's Career Academy program to chart career path for 8 million college students

Pearson has developed the Career Academy Program, which it carries out around the world, in accordance with the Turkish education system and culture. It is aimed that more than 8 million university students in Turkey will have access to better employment opportunities, with the curriculum that provides students with the professional skills required by this century as well as what is needed for career building and success.

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İSTANBUL (TR) - According to the ministry of Higher Education (YÖK) data, new projects are being developed, shape and make sure that university students kick off their career life Turkey, where there are 8 million 240 thousand 997 university students. While it was pointed out that professional competencies are as important as academic success in career life, an important move in this field came from Pearson, the world's leading educational institution. The institution has announced that it will start implementing the Career Academy Program, which is carries out around the world, in Turkey it aims to improve students' professional skills and help them access better employment opportunities in the future. Adapting to the needs of the Turkish education system and culture, the program aims to equip third- and fourth-year university students and new graduates with the competencies expected from them in the 21st century business world.

Students will demonstrate their competencies with" digital identity” to companies 

It has been reported that the curriculum of the Career Academy Program, which has been translated into Turkish, will include online courses and exams, as well as practical training such as case studies and events. Based on international assessment techniques, the program will allow students to develop and demonstrate their professional skills on the job through experiential learning. Achievements and skills gained will be rewarded with digital badges. In this way, “digital identities” will be created that enable transparent and effective communication between job-seeking graduates and potential employers.

"Career planning is as important as academic success”

Providing details on the subject, Pearson Turkey Marketing Director Işıl Berkan said, “As Pearson, our main goal is to prepare students for their future. Despite the global pandemic, students continue to move forward in their plans to graduate and pursue their careers. To achieve this, it is not enough to focus only on academic success. Students today need to be offered a holistic approach that includes both academic and career preparation. At this point, the Pearson Career Academy Program serves as a roadmap for students to discover where they want to go on with their career journey and how to reach their goals. In addition to the combination of practical and theoretical knowledge it contains, it offers an online and end-to-end career preparation process in line with the requirements of this century.”

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