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Consumer loan applications decreased by 30 percent during the lockdown period
Consumer loan applications decreased by 30 percent during the lockdown period

Comparing the lockdown period with the first 10 days of May, Hesapkurdu.com announced that the applications decreased by 30% in consumer loans, 13% in vehicle loans and 4% in mortgages. Hesapkurdu.com General Manager Ömer Paksoy said, “We foresee that the demand for all individual loan products will increase with the re-introduction of plans such as spending, vacation and investment that have been left unfinished since June.”

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İSTANBUL (TR) - Economic fluctuations experienced during the pandemic process made financial security even more important for the citizens. According to the data announced by the loan comparison platform Hesapkurdu.com in April, when the personal loan applications in the last quarter of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021 were compared, applications for all types of individual loans increased, with consumer loans in the first place with 18.7%. The course of the painting changed during the period of complete closure between 29 April and 17 May. Hesapkurdu.com, which compares the full closing period with the first 10 days of May, announced that there was a 30% decrease in consumer loan applications, 13% decrease in vehicle loan applications and 4% decrease in mortgage loan applications. This rate was reflected in credit card applications as 28%.

“Citizen learns to consider all possibilities”

Making an assessment on the subject, General Manager of Hesapkurdu.com Omer Paksoy said, “When we look at the individual loan applications in the first quarter of 2021, there was a small increase of 2% in housing loan applications, while there was a 19% increase in consumer loans and 7% in vehicle loan applications. In May, with the complete closure, it is seen that there was a significant decrease in the applications made for all personal loan products.”

Gradual normalization will increase demand for personal loans

Referring to the fact that they expect an increase in consumer loan applications, especially since June, when the second step of the gradual normalization was turned away, Ömer Paksoy said, “Gradual normalization promises to improve the morale of both individuals and many entrepreneurs whose businesses have not been able to operate at full capacity for a long time. Therefore, plans such as unfinished spending, vacation and investment are likely to come back on the agenda. We anticipate that this situation will increase the demand for all retail loan products.”

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