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Sosyopix, the Pioneer enterprise of personalized gift space, is now also in the flower market!
Sosyopix, the Pioneer enterprise of personalized gift space, is now also in the flower market!

Interest in personalized gifts is growing every day, reports show that the global Sunday size has reached $ 25.8 billion. As breakthroughs to increase diversity in this area continue, an important move has come from Sosyopix, which is positioned as the representative of the personalized gift market in Turkey. The domestic venture began sending flowers under the Sosyopix Flowers brand.

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İSTANBUL (TR) - The pandemic caused distances to be placed between social relations all over the world. While trying to overcome this situation with digital meetings, the Saviors of special days became personalized gifts. According to the report published by Research and Markets, The Global Personalized Gift Market reached a size of $ 25.8 billion in 2020. The sector is expected to reach $ 43.3 billion by 2027, while Sosyopix, one of the leading startups in the personalized gift market in Turkey, announced its entry into the flower market. Domestic enterprise,” Sosyopix Flowers " brand will send flowers all over Turkey.

Seasonal bouquets of flowers will be sent all over Turkey in special boxes.

Emre Abat, one of the founders of Sosyopix, said: “Sosyopix users have been sharing what they want to see flowers on our platform for a long time. We also listened to our users and wanted to step into the flower market, which is a must for our goal of becoming a “gift place”. With the Sosyopix Flowers brand, we have redesigned part of our operations and production center according to flower production. Unlike conventional flower shipments, we offer flower bouquets consisting of 15-20 species of seasonal flowers instead of hundreds of options and designed by flower designers. In order not to be damaged during distribution, we also produced special boxes where the flowers can breathe. Thus, While we have the ability to send flowers all over Turkey, we can also deliver orders placed in Istanbul until noon on the same day. In addition, we also include a flower care card and vitamins in our flower boxes to keep the life of the flowers in the house where they go longer." said. 

“We will further increase the momentum we caught in the pandemic”

Emre Abat, who also mentioned his goals in the future, said: “We continue our journey with our team in the online photo printing category today as a brand that has managed to become the equivalent of the concept of” personalized, fast and high-quality gift". As a domestic enterprise, we also ship to more than 85 countries, especially America, England, Italy, Germany, France and Spain, as well as Turkey. In addition, we added concept gift boxes and so to our product line in the last quarter of 2020.craft, Nature & Love, Cielo & Grind Co. we managed to be the center of attention in the category of 100% leather products, tea and coffee with our sub-brands that we named. Now, with our entry into the flower market with Sosyopix Flowers, we are both breathing new life into the sector and strengthening our steps on the road to our goals. In 2020, despite the pandemic, we closed this challenging year with 4.5 times growth, reaching more than 1.2 million users. We will further increase the momentum we have caught in the pandemic with our flower category, which we have started to serve,” he said.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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