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Target venture and Idealist consulting invested in the cryptocurrency platform.
Target venture and Idealist consulting invested in the cryptocurrency platform.

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İSTANBUL (TR) - Attracting attention for its investments in financial technologies, Target Enterprise and Idealist Consulting announced that they are partners in 30 percent of Icrypex, one of Turkey's leading cryptocurrency trading platforms. As a result of the Partnership Agreement, target initiative's share was set at 10 percent and Idealist consultancy's share was set at 20 percent.

Develops technology with equity

IC February Besiktas men's basketball a team by paying 42 bitcoins in February 2021, icrypex, which can be traded in less than 10 milliseconds with its strong technological infrastructure. ICRYPEX, founded in April 2018, is a Turkish computer scientist and professor. It was the first stock exchange to list Avax chains in Turkey using the Avalanche protocol developed by Emin Gün Sirer. Serving a total of 129 people, ICRYPEX stands out in Turkey as the only platform offering USD and Usdt currencies simultaneously.

As of February 2019, ICRYPEX has concentrated on second phase developments and its products, such as the website, matching engines, storage-sweep services used in the current situation, have been developed by the company's own development team.

Significant investment from strong companies

The target enterprise makes investments, especially in the field of financial technology. Ftech Labs Informatics A.P., Fintables Information Technologies Inc.P., Eko Calculator Information Technologies A.P., Idealist Consulting A.P., Info Yatırım Menkul Değerler A.P.; Target Initiative stands out as some of the companies in which it has a stake.

Idealist consultancy makes investments in technology as well as consultancy activities. Ideal Data Financial Technologies providing data Distribution Services A.P.Idealist Consulting, which owns 100 percent of Ideacore, provides software solutions to banks and brokerage firms with Ideacore, a subsidiary of Ideal Data. Target Venture Capital Investment Trust owns a 24.12 percent stake in Idealist consulting.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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