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Companies ' new goal is not high profitability, but a unique customer experience
Companies ' new goal is not high profitability, but a unique customer experience

Experience has become one of the issues that the business world has unquestionably focused on itself. When it came to tracking large customer audiences and designing their experiences, the need for technology support grew. The goal of monitoring, measuring and increasing customer experience has even outstripped profitability and efficiency targets. Three out of every 4 executives see technology as decisive in improving the customer experience.

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İSTANBUL (TR) - Digital transformation, which became the main agenda item of the business world as a fundamental requirement of sustainability during the pandemic process, increased the need for cloud-based solutions. For companies that understand that they need to strengthen their business goals with technology, customer-focused ones topped the list of software investments. U.S.-based cloud-based software company Salesforce the first time in Turkey as a partner in collaboration with 15 years of experience inspark published by IDC, “the digital customer experience Approaches” according to the report, companies began to give more weight compared to pandemic ago that the only target of 18% with tracking and customer interaction was improving. 77% of respondents saw technology as decisive in improving the customer experience, while looking at the 2021-2022 targets, the "increase in yield and profitability” target, which ranked first at the end of last year, was replaced by “monitoring and increasing customer interaction”with a 21% share. It was noted that the customer experience is among the 3 most important focuses of even CIOs. 

Inspark CEO of the customer experience in the evaluation of Serdar thirsty reports, “the need for a common technological infrastructure and business processes in the pandemic, as well as the base for the age of an integrated relationships with the customers he should have won, and how important it is for the first time so the customer experience of a sustainable structure was clearly seen. This, in turn, led companies to cloud-based CRM software. We anticipate that this orientation will continue even if the pandemic is over, and digital transformation investments, which exceed $ 1.3 trillion by the end of 2020, will reach $ 6.8 trillion by 2023,” he said. 

“There is no uniform digital solution to suit everyone”

Susuz stated that they support all digital transformation investments to improve the customer experience with cloud-based smart business solutions, “INSPARK has 30 years of industry experience, about 15 years ago we became the first representative of Salesforce in Turkey. In our Istanbul, London and Dubai offices, we provide customized consulting and integration services by performing needs analysis with all certified Salesforce experts. Aware that there is no uniform digital solution to suit everyone, we strive to provide our customers with products that combine the best practices of countless industry players, even solutions for needs that have not yet been defined. We also provide integration services in many areas such as sales, service and marketing, and we aim to bring the corporate structure of all sizes from corporate companies to SMEs and initiatives closer to their customers by integrating it into the era,” he said.

After Turkey, the target is Europe and the Middle East 

CEO Serdar Susuz, who also mentioned inspark's 2021 goals, said: “We have signed the first ones in the pandemic process, where the whole world is going through difficult days. In addition to more than 500 successfully completed projects, we implemented Turkey's first Einstein Analytics and Retail Marketing Cloud projects. While we are among the 20 global companies included in the 2020 Gartner Salesforce Service Providers report, we have been the best employer in Turkey in our field in Great Place to Work 2020. At the end of this year, with our team, which has grown by 30% compared to the previous year, we aim to spread the achievements we have achieved in our country in Europe and the Middle East,” he said.

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