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24/7 Online Expert Support For Parents
24/7 Online Expert Support For Parents

In the pandemic, counseling services for children and adolescents were cut by 72%, and counseling services for women's prenatal and postpartum needs were cut by 61%. The solution came from the domestic platform Kidolog, which offers 24/7 online expert support. The parent and Child Development Platform aims to reach Turkish families around the world and contribute to the increase of properly directed parents and children.

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İSTANBUL (TR) - Face-to-face talks avoided during the pandemic have also disrupted counselling services, which are particularly critical to the mental health of parents and children. As not only life, but also work and education fit into the home, mother, father and children became more united, while psychological support and guidance (PDR) provided at school also began to be met by parents. According to a survey by the World Health Organization, counseling services for children and adolescents throughout the world due to the pandemic 72% of consulting services for prenatal and postnatal needs of women and 61 percent was facing a cut. In the face of this picture, like many countries, Turkey is accelerating the work in the field of telemedicine and teletherapy, while at the beginning of the initiatives that attract attention Kidolog.com he's here. The Platform offers parents and prospective parents the opportunity to receive 24/7 online expert support in all areas they may need in Child Development before and after pregnancy. Video interviews with experts, voice or messaging platform is currently performed via the service are Turkish families all over the world all over the world with different language options,although directed toward reaching aims to contribute to the improving of parents and children.  

Online sessions with many experts, from midwives to breastfeeding consultants 

Eray Uğurelli, co-founder and CEO of the parent and Child Development Platform Kidolog, stated that as a father, he is based on the needs of his wife and daughter and aims to provide parents with a new generation solution. "We know that today's Generation Y parents and Future Generation Z parents are much more sensitive to both developing themselves as parents and raising their children and want to get expert support instead of following traditional methods. In this direction, we have implemented a platform offering online session services with a team of experts called ‘kidologist’ such as child development specialist, psychologist, dietitian, midwife, doula, physiotherapist, ergotherapist, special education specialist, breastfeeding consultant and game therapist.” 

“Our goal is to reach parents all over the world”

Eray Uğurelli, who said that kidolog supports parent and Child Development with informative and educational content, as well as online Sessions, said: "with our Kidoblog page, we offer informative articles of our experts to parents, and with the Kidolog Academy platform, we organize seminars and trainings every week. We have set up kidoforum to increase the exchange of information between parents and enable them to have free Q & A with experts.With our mobile app, which will be released soon, we will also provide support to parents from pregnancy until their children reach the age of 18 with a virtual assistant(virtual child development specialist) based on artificial intelligence. Our goal is to reach parents all over the world and increase the number of parents and children who are properly directed for their development,” he said.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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