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Domestic software attack for defense industry
Domestic software attack for defense industry

According to the 2021 Performance Program of the presidential Defense Industry presidency, defense and aerospace exports are expected to reach $ 6.2 billion in 2021. Bilişim A., which draws attention to the importance of localization of software used in the field of defense industry in order to reduce dependence on exports and increase exportsP. General Manager Hüseyin Erdağ,” domestic and National software, both our country and the sector will move to a stronger position, " he said.

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İSTANBUL (TR) - Localization efforts initiated to reduce external dependence in the field of defense industry are continuing rapidly. It is of great importance that the software, which is described as the brain of defense industry products produced with equity, can also be developed with domestic capabilities. Bilişim A., who pointed out that localization in technology will increase Turkey's power in the worldP. General Manager Hüseyin Erdağ made assessments on the Digital Report Card of Defense and aviation.

2023 to reach the $ 10.2 billion defense industry export target of 2021 is a very important threshold, said Hüseyin Erdağ, " domestic and National software in Turkey after investments in the field of Informatics we see further increase. These investments are very pleasing on behalf of the IT sector. Because domestic and National software not only creates surplus value for institutions, but also contributes to the economy, saving our country from being dependent on the outside. We believe that domestic and National software will bring both our country and institutions to a stronger position,” he said. 

"Native software adapts more easily to local legislation and conditions”

Hussein Erdag, who stressed that they have done a lot of work to spread the use of domestic software, said: “Bilişim A.P. we have been producing solutions and creating added value in this sector for 35 years. We explain the benefits of choosing domestic and National software to institutions and enable them to experience it. The choice of domestic and National software in the Turkish defense industry brings with it many advantages that will provide one hundred percent protection, especially in the issue of data security and Privacy. Unlike software that countries prepare according to their own conditions, our software adapts more easily to local legislation and conditions. Because we are much more flexible than foreign software, we increase the efficiency and profitability of institutions,” he said. 

“We will carry our flag to the world”

Hussein Erdag, who also conveyed his goals for 2021, said: “2019 was a year of change for our company. In 2020, despite the pandemic, we have recorded 40% growth. 2021 will be a year when we carry our flag to the world with our business partnerships and other channels and cloud products. In this context, as we extract very important business partners from our institution, we conduct negotiations to establish partnerships with important organizations of the sector. We believe that our products, which have been used for a long time in the country, have gained success and experience, will capture the same success chart abroad. We offer our digital transformation applications to Turkey's leading institutions with 100% domestic and National software, and we support them to analyze their business with the Digital Roadmap we have developed,” he said. 

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