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Takeaway restaurants are the new favorite of the food and drink sector
Takeaway restaurants are the new favorite of the food and drink sector

Along with the pandemic, the come-and-buy and home Order Services implemented in cafes and restaurants are opening up new opportunities for investors. New franchise models of restaurant chains promise the most profitability with the least investment.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The coronavirus epidemic, which the world has been fighting since the beginning of 2020, is also transforming the business world. According to a study by KPMG, 72% of businesses are looking for the new normal of their sector to survive. Food and drink are also at the beginning of these sectors. Restrictions on cafes and restaurants as part of the epidemic measures have led industry players to focus on services such as online food ordering and gel-al. This is also changing restaurant chains ' understanding of franchises. New businesses are being born that serve smaller square meters, do not have seating areas. At the beginning of the restaurant chains that have adopted this practice in Turkey, Sait Döner comes. 

The pandemic required a new business model

"High costs, difficulty managing large square meters, problems caused by hygiene needs, the main issues in which the food and drink sector is forced. We need new business models. As Sait Döner, we also offer a turnkey model in every sense, ready for entrepreneurs and investors, from corporate identity to logistics and technological infrastructure, with a new franchise package that we have developed as a first in Turkey. Thanks to this franchise model, which does not have a seating area, only serves with the concept of ‘Home Service' and ‘come-buy’, we aim to ensure high profits with minimal investment.” 

"150 thousand TL investment is enough”

Eren Karabakh, the details of the franchise model they developed as follows: "in this system, which we can also define as the business model of the new era, 35 square meters of space and 150 thousand TL investment cost in the right location are sufficient for the concept. We offer entrepreneurs a turnkey investment opportunity without wasting time with an architectural project without having to pay an extra fee for logistics. In our business model, which is easy to manage and has a high customer satisfaction rate, we spend 50 percent of the franchise price for the promotion of our branch."

Product supply to 56 points in 16 provinces of Turkey 

Emphasizing that they have more than 40 years of experience in the sector, Eren Karabakh said: “as Sait Döner, we serve more than 300 thousand customers every year and provide product supply to 56 points in 16 provinces of our country. We also have a meat processing plant with a production capacity of 60 tons, producing according to ISO 22000, ISO 90001 and Halal Meat Standards. We carefully select products such as meat, vegetables and pulses, blending traditional flavors with quality. Thanks to our special software system, we can track instant turnover, cost and inventory. With the new franchise model, we want to lead the transformation in the sector and to spread our delicious and quality returns that appeal to all customer groups.” 

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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