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Mars Logistics To Say “Equality Has No Gender " By 2021
Mars Logistics To Say “Equality Has No Gender " By 2021

Mars Logistics, one of the leading logistics companies in Turkey, is starting a long-term project in the field of gender equality by adding a new one to its social responsibility projects. As part of the project titled” Equality has no gender", events on gender equality will be organized throughout the year, including Mars employees.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Mars Logistics will work within the framework of the Gender Equality goal, one of the 17-point Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations, during 2021. Speaking on the subject, Mars Logistics chairman of the board of Management Weird Sahillioglu, gender inequality in the name of eliminating preventable is a condition of securing equality and inequality stated that studies in Turkey and in the world is increasing, said: “any negative against women, anti-discrimination, gender equality is a social problem of common concern believes that the empowerment of women for gender equality perspective, I think it should be reflected in the whole area of life.”

"I am of the opinion that change must first begin within us, and then it can spread to our environment and society at large.  Accordingly, as a company that has a duty to address all kinds of social and social problems, we are implementing our #Equality Project to strengthen women's standing in society. With this project, we will further our work in terms of ‘gender equality’ to date."Sahillioglu said that they will start a project that will last for 2021.

A Mars Gender Equality ambassador will be selected every month from among the participants in the project, which will include Mars employees. Ambassadors will organize at least one event each month to raise awareness of gender equality in-house and outside the company, working in partnership with the project group created. The scope of the project employment, education, physical and psychological violence against women, equality for women in business women in society are a host of obstacles in front of women in relation to the role and responsibilities of the judiciary and the fight against the negative mold, rights and responsibilities activities done in collaboration with various NGOs in equality for women will be based on topics such as this. 

Sahillioglu said that in addition to the activities that will take place throughout the year with the #Equality Project, the view of gender equality is also reflected in the company's annual strategic plan: “in addition to the activities that we will perform throughout the year, we have added an article on increasing women's employment to our 2021 Strategic Plan. We will support Social hope, perseverance and creativity with this project, which we will spread to the entire operation of the company, its employees and operations.”

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