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"Cyber security of our country, Technology in this field as robust as the number of our domestic companies that develop”
"Cyber security of our country, Technology in this field as robust as the number of our domestic companies that develop”

The rapid expansion of digitalization increases the need for Cybersecurity all over the world. Turkey's strengthening in this area depends on the strength of domestic players.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Cybersecurity, which means protecting computer networks, devices and data on those devices from unauthorized access and attacks, is vital for the billions of devices and their users connected to the internet. It seems that many countries around the world are taking action against cyber security vulnerabilities that can have serious consequences, especially material and moral losses. Hakan Hintoglu, General Manager of the domestic cyber security company Berqnet Firewall, noted that cyber security has been defined by NATO as the fifth warfare area after land, sea, air and space, and made assessments of the cyber security ecosystem in Turkey. 

"Cyber Security has now become a digital battleground for countries and institutions. Because it is an undeniable fact that in an environment without cyber security, human health, privacy, commercial and economic growth and national security are under great threat. In this context, it would be wrong to say that our national cybersecurity is as robust as the number of our domestic companies developing technologies in this area. In order for domestic and national solutions to dominate the market, it is very important to have incentives on both the production and consumption side and to increase activities aimed at developing human resources." said. 

"Turkey's cyber security market is about a quarter of the volume it should be”

Hakan Hintoglu, who stated that the cyber security market in Turkey has a volume of about $ 300 million, said: “this level corresponds to software and hardware solutions and services. 90% of the market outside of services is dominated by foreign products. Domestic investment is more needed, as the Sunday market is only a quarter of the volume it should be. When we look at the countries that are the locomotives of the world cyber security market, we see that they create a large ecosystem with a large number of companies and a wide range of solutions., ” he said. 

Hintoglu also touched on the work carried out on the establishment of a similar ecosystem in our country: “I care very much about the activities of the Turkish Cyber Security Cluster, which was established in 2017 in order to develop cyber security technologies and compete with the world. I believe that the information and Communication Security Guide prepared by the Office of digital transformation of the presidency of the Republic of Turkey is also a very Horizon-opening work. The first of the 12 main goals in the guide is to encourage the use of domestic and national cyber security products, paving the way for production in this area. Even this goal alone is very important. I believe that with the support of the public authority, the contribution of large institutions, entrepreneurs and NGOs, we will get rid of external dependence on cyber security.”

“As a Global player, we aim to contribute to the country's economy" 

"Since 2015, we have been working with the Berqnet Firewall product family to meet the cyber security, law compliance and internet management needs of businesses. Because we are an institution born and raised in this land, we see building a capacity to export cybersecurity as a debt of heart to our country. In this context, our foreign sales started in our close geography in the first place and this has become an important part of our sustainable growth strategy. We are currently conducting infrastructure work in selected countries from Europe and Central Asia. Within 5 years, we aim to get a third of our revenues from abroad. Our primary goal is to become an important cyber security player in the Commonwealth of Independent States, where countries such as Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan are located, and in the eastern and Western European countries we have chosen. In the medium term, we will take our place in large markets located on different continents. Being a global cybersecurity player, contributing more to our country's economy and technology development ecosystem is our main goal., ” he said. 

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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