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Target Middle East and Central Asian countries in machinery exports
Target Middle East and Central Asian countries in machinery exports

According to TurkStat data, Turkey made 16.7 billion dollars in machinery exports in 2020. Turkish machines, which offer solutions for many sectors from agriculture to industry, mining to construction, are in high demand, especially from Middle East and Central Asian countries. Mehmet Selim Akkök, founder of Oak machinery, said that the region has great potential.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The machinery sector continues to stand out among the sectors that add value to the Turkish economy. In 2020, Turkish machine manufacturers exported machinery, mechanical devices, their parts and parts to 212 different countries with a total value exceeding $ 16.7 billion. Optional machine machinery and quality is preferred in Turkish akkök founder Mehmet Selim voicing Oak Middle Eastern countries, "especially according to the European machinery manufacturers, Turkish and offer affordable prices from the manufacturers due to its proximity to the region, the logistics facilities prefer us is one of the most important factors of the countries in the region. Although there were large losses with the pandemic around the world, Turkey achieved great success by keeping these losses to a minimum. In 2021, which we see as a recovery period, we think that there will be a big breakthrough with the increase of exports to the Middle East and Central Asian countries." said.

First place in machine exports Iraq

Considering the Middle East and North Africa countries, Iraq received the largest share of Mehmet Selim Akkök, "in 2020 with exports of $ 423 million, Iraq became the country that showed the greatest interest in Turkish machines. Iraq was followed by Iran, Egypt and Morocco, with Israel in fifth place. Algeria, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia also continued the list as countries with exports of more than $ 150 million. In all countries in this geography, we will continue to provide services by developing products for sectoral needs., "he said.

R & D studies will move the sector further

Mehmet Seim Akkök, who said that the effects of the economic fluctuations occurring in the pandemic are gradually decreasing, a recovery period has been entered, and in this process the machine sector also gave a successful test, said: "at this point, we anticipate that the momentum captured in the first month of the year will continue throughout the year, and machine exports will approach 20 billion dollars in 2021. But as Oak machinery, we believe that R & D and innovation are critical for the Turkish machinery sector, as in many sectors today. In a rapidly digitizing world, production now has to be faster, faster and flawless than ever before. Therefore, the first point that we should focus on as manufacturers is to overcome our borders with R & D studies and to be able to respond to the needs of the age in the best way. In this way, we can consolidate our place among the number of machine Exporting Countries of the world." said. 

Sectoral collaborations bring innovation in machine manufacturing

Oak machine high production technology, focusing on the transport sector Mehmet Selim further emphasizing that they work for Akkök, “30-year engineering in 2009 we started to Share our experience with our activities in the market of Bursa in Turkey and all over the world with high production technology and strive to offer high-quality products. In this context, we develop in accordance with R & D studies and the demands of our customers and strive to produce better quality products every day. At the same time, we develop sectoral collaborations and create new products. Poka-yoke integrated automatic product crating machine, which we recently developed together with Bursa industrialists, ensures that the parts coming out of the press and quality controlled are automatically filled into the crates at the desired number. We have managed to create solutions for many sectors by reducing employee errors to zero with the projects we have implemented so far."was in the form.

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