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“Development of IoT practices in Turkey depends on solution-oriented approach”
“Development of IoT practices in Turkey depends on solution-oriented approach”

Economic fluctuations brought about by the pandemic bring cost savings to the agenda of companies. This increases the orientation towards IoT investments. While the global IoT market is estimated to reach 520 billion dollars in 2021, the importance of a solution-oriented approach is emphasized in the efficiency of the work to be done in this area.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - IoT (Internet of Things), which covers the communication of smart devices with each other and is used in many areas, from home appliances to smart factories and smart cities, is becoming more and more widespread all over the world. According to the data of Statista, the global IoT market is estimated to reach $520 billion by the end of 2021, while the number of IoT devices is also expected to increase. Cisco's research shows that by 2021 there will be 27.1 billion networked devices worldwide, with 43% of all networked devices will become mobile-connected.

More investment will be made in IoT.

Connected System Co-Founder and CEO Ferhan Köksal, who stated that this table is similar in Turkey, said: “Our country's work in the field of IoT applications moves one step further every day. But in order for these studies to yield effective results, it is necessary to adopt an approach that prioritizes needs, not goes from product to solution.”

“The basic mistake is to move through completed IoT systems”

Pointing out that examining the dynamics of the ecosystem is of great importance in developing solution-oriented IoT system integrations, Ferhan Köksal said, “There are many moving parts in IoT. We can also define this as a chain transaction process. The biggest mistake in companies operating in this field is the sale of devices and systems, which we call as completed or finished products, to target customers. However, the right approach is to make a good analysis and to offer solutions according to needs. In this way, we can base our development in both the local and global IoT ecosystem on solid foundations.”

Our aim is to spread the “Idea, Solution, Result” approach.

Ferhan Köksal pointed out that as Connected System they are working to create a new production ecosystem with interconnected production machines and human interaction, “This way, manufacturers, researchers and governments will work together to build the digital factories of the future. In this context, we also for the digital transformation of our experience of over 20 years in the telecommunications and technology areas in need of Turkey's geography close and we help them choose the right solutions and technologies. We design and develop flow analysis and integration software for Edge, on-premises or cloud. We offer many solutions from IoT and Edge platforms to end-to-end IoT system integration, from connectivity solutions to project consultancy and IoT adaptation and business partnership. Our aim is to spread the “Idea, Solution, Result” approach we adopt in the digital transformation journey of every structure that will carry our country forward.

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