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Virtual offices have come to the rescue of e-commerce
Virtual offices have come to the rescue of e-commerce

With the coronavirus pandemic, the number of businesses operating in e-commerce has increased. Looking at the structure of newly established enterprises, it seems that institutionalism outweighs individual companies. The desire of young entrepreneurs who have a large share in this transformation to work independently of the space also increases the demand for virtual offices.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - According to the TOBB (The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey) data, the total number of companies established in Turkey every year in the last 5 years has increased by 25.7%. While the highest increase was experienced in incorporated, open, limited and unlimited companies with 59%, sole proprietorships decreased by 26%. Looking at the last 10 years, it was seen that sole proprietorships decreased by 48% and the number of corporate companies increased by almost 100%. While the replacement of tradesmen by corporate companies and young entrepreneurs played an important role in this change in company preferences, the expenditures of the new generation entrepreneurs who keep up with the dynamics of the age have also been reshaped. With the effect of the pandemic, the leap in e-commerce started a movement towards leaving the fixed office costs behind. Virtual offices have come to the rescue of those who carry out e-commerce activities.

Virtual offices stand out with their cost advantage

Olmadık Ofis Founder A. Seçkin Canan said, “We see that the tax advantages offered to corporations and the investor and growth-oriented approaches of business owners are effective in the change in company preferences. At this point, the needs of new generation entrepreneurs and corporate companies that catch up with the era are also changing. As the world is rapidly evolving towards a fully digital commerce approach, it seems that the current effort is being spent on catching up with the fast pace of the age. The first step in doing this is to leave behind the heavy expenditures that restrict mobility. While increasing office costs and spending on fixed expenses are replaced by corporate spending, virtual office services are positioned as one of the biggest supporters of today's e-commerce ecosystem with the cost advantage it offers.”

Virtual office demands of those interested in e-commerce increased 100%

Stating that they offer virtual office services that support entrepreneurs operating in e-commerce as well as corporate companies, players of all sizes in the business world to integrate into the era, Seçkin Canan said, “We offer solutions suitable for all actors of the business life, from those who need an official address for the new company to be established in the Istanbul Historic Peninsula, to freelancers who are looking for a work area, from company employees who adopt a hybrid working model, to companies looking for a venue for meetings, seminars or trainings. In this context, we take over routine office responsibilities such as personnel employment, infrastructure investment, security, cleaning, kitchen, secretariat, monthly invoices, call and cargo management. As Olmadık Ofis, we observed a 100% increase in the virtual office demands of enterprises and institutions operating in the field of e-commerce during the pandemic process. We expect this ratio to fold itself rapidly in the coming period, and we aim to contribute to the development of more buildings.”

Bounce is expected after the pandemic

Referring to the fact that the acceleration in e-commerce has changed the way they work, Seçkin Canan said, “E-commerce is an activity that can be carried out with a hybrid working model that evolves in the process of remote working and the transition to the new normal, which many employees experience for the first time during the pandemic. In a period when online shopping is preferred by everyone, the transition to e-commerce makes these ways of working even more widespread. Young generation employees are also turning to serviced offices in order to open up space for the business model of the future. Corporate companies, on the other hand, prefer to receive annual collective memberships from serviced offices that offer remote working opportunity for the new generation workforce who want to produce without being tied to a single location. In this context, we anticipate that this market, which has grown by 22% each year in the last 10 years, will make a leap forward after the pandemic and today, more than 20 thousand shared office areas worldwide will approach 50 thousand.”

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] / +90 (212) 635 70 68

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