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Turkey's cyber firewall ranks among fastest growing tech companies
Turkey's cyber firewall ranks among fastest growing tech companies

Berqnet, a domestic firewall manufacturer that protects companies of all sizes from cyber attacks, was among the fastest growing technology companies of 2020.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - 15 this year.the results of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Turkey program were announced. Berqnet, the domestic cyber security brand, was also included in the list of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Turkey in 2020. Berqnet was the only firewall brand on the list.

Hakan Hintoglu, General Manager of Berqnet Firewall, who stated that they have grown unabated despite the pandemic, said: "We are very happy that Berqnet, which is growing faster every year, will be included in the Fast 50 Winner list in 2020. We thank our team and business partners who are the architects of this success. We will continue to grow rapidly, creating more value for our customers., "he said.

3 in the “Big Stars" category, which is referred to as the "big league" in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Turkey program, where technology companies with revenues of 50 million euros and above are evaluated during the 2020 financial year. Logo technology and Investment A., which also owns Berqnet, logo software, which was awarded onceP. He is a partner with a 34% share. Hakan Hintoglu, who stated that they are proud of the award of Brother 2 brands that come out in the same ecosystem, said that they will continue to invest to maintain growth.

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