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Mars Logistics' Volume in Automotive Spare Parts Transportation Increased by 10%
Mars Logistics' Volume in Automotive Spare Parts Transportation Increased by 10%

Automotive spare parts transportation, one of the locomotive sectors for logistics, has regained its former volume since mid-May for Mars Logistics, although it has been negatively affected by the slowdown in foreign trade due to the pandemic.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Mars Logistics Automotive Group Deputy General Manager Abdülkadir Yanık said that, in the automotive sector, automotive companies stopped their domestic and international production due to the pandemic, and that after the factories reopened, there was an explosion of demand in the market due to the formation of new orders and the orders received before the pandemic, and stated that the automotive sector has gained momentum since the middle of May.

Comparing 2019 to 2020, Yanık said that looking at the post-pandemic period, 2020 was better compared to the previous year and they achieved their goals.

10% growth in automotive Milk Run

Stating that the Milk Run service runs in parallel with the automotive spare parts transportation abroad, Yanık said, “Milk Run our service more, we provide the automotive companies engaged in production in Turkey is progressing in line with their sales figures.” He said that the same momentum started in Milk Run as of mid-May and they were satisfied with the numbers after the pandemic.

Stating that they achieved a growth of approximately 10% on a turnover basis in the automotive Milk Run in 2020, Yanık said, “Our 2020 market share was 51% as we had predicted. In 2021, we think that our market share will increase with the new companies we have added to our structure and we will gain a share of around 55-60%.”

Stating that they are currently working with 7 companies in the automotive Milk Run, Yanık stated that they see deepening existing customers as the first goal in 2021 and that they plan to grow further by taking the jobs of the companies they do not work with.

“We produce solutions in line with the needs of our customers”

Stating that they are in a constantly changing and developing sector, Yanık said, “I foresee that we will continue with a serious volume in automotive as long as we keep up with technological changes and develop new transportation models” and stated that they produce new solutions in line with the needs of customers as follows: “We produce innovative solutions in line with the needs of customers. and we also have to produce. Even if the customer does not request it, we analyze the current situation and plan how we can improve and shorten the processes and offer our recommendations to our customers.”

Stating that Mars Logistics is a flexible company, Yanık said, “There is no negative answer for any job in Mars Logistics. There is a system where various solutions related to the desired job are produced and left to the customer's preference. As Mars Logistics, we always stand behind our word and we have a system that always targets customer satisfaction.”

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