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“Orientation to the Middle East and Europe can increase cosmetic exports by more than $800 million”
“Orientation to the Middle East and Europe can increase cosmetic exports by more than $800 million”

Many sectors in Turkey have managed to increase their exports despite the pandemic. One of them was the cosmetics industry. Exports of cosmetics, which exceed $654 million in 2020, are expected to exceed $800 million in 2021.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The export of cosmetic products in Turkey continued to grow despite the pandemic in 2020. According to TURKSTAT data, exports of perfume and cosmetic or toilet preparations exceeded 654 million dollars in 2020. When we look at the countries that export the most cosmetic products, Iraq took the first place with 76 million dollars. It was followed by the USA with $64 million, Germany with $33 million, the Netherlands with $28 million and Iran with $27 million. Evaluating the situation, CEO of Mirana Cosmetics Berkant Uluer said, “Middle East and European countries, we see that it has a serious potential for Turkey. The continuation of the momentum gained despite the pandemic depends on making the necessary breakthroughs in this field. If strategic steps are taken, we anticipate that our cosmetics exports will exceed 800 million dollars in 2021.”

“It's important to read the needs changed by the pandemic correctly”

Berkant Uluer pointed out that, like many habits, personal care rituals and cosmetic product needs have changed during the pandemic process, “Due to the pandemic, people all over the world have started to spend more time at their homes than ever before. This situation, with the effect of the risk of contamination, caused the personal care rituals to move home. Especially, while applications related to skin and hair care started to be carried out at home, increasing health concerns increased the inquiries about how natural the product ingredients are. At this point, in the steps we will take as a sector, we need not only to turn our routes in the right direction, but also to read the changing needs and demands accurately.”

“Our goal is to increase the share of the cosmetics sector in the country's economy”

Expressing that they focus on the Middle Eastern and European markets as a company established with 100% domestic capital, Berkant Uluer said, "We offer a wide range of products from skin care to shampoo, hair dye to make-up removal products with 100% natural ingredients we have developed as Mirana Cosmetics. We have achieved a growth of 40 percent with the turnover of 84 million TL we achieved in 2020, during which we tackle many difficulties due to the pandemic. In 2021, we will continue to represent our country in foreign markets with a turnover target of 100 million TL. Our aim is to increase the share of the cosmetics industry in the country's economy with the right steps.”

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] / +90 (212) 635 70 68

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