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MindBehind receives investment from Germany with a valuation of $4 million dollars
MindBehind receives investment from Germany with a valuation of $4 million dollars

MindBehind, a Turkish platform offering communication solutions with artificial intelligence-powered digital assistants, received an investment of $4 million from Germany-based technology company TENIOS.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Founded in 2016 with the vision of becoming the “WhatsApp”of companies, Sor has decided to continue all its operations under the name Mindbehind. Turning its course to growth in foreign markets, MindBehind announced that it has received a strategic investment from Ümit Öztürk, the founder of TENIOS, a German company that produces real-time audio and video communication solutions. The platform, which received its first investment in 2016 from Serdar Sayar and Tamer Yılmaz, aims to accelerate its growth in the European market by integrating e-commerce, payment and voice solutions with chatbot and digital assistants thanks to a new investment from Ümit Öztürk. 

“We will announce our competence to the whole world, starting from Europe” 

Mindbehind (formerly Sor) co-founder Anil Kiper, who evaluated the investment they received and the name change, said: “on this path, which we came out with the vision of “smartening” the Customer Relations of companies, we touched millions of customers of our dozens of companies by capturing 300% growth in Turkey and the nearby geography in 2020. With this investment, we will combine our Sor brand with our MindBehind brand and increase our spread to different geographies. Our products currently serve in 35 languages. Our MindBehind Studio team is currently developing digital assistant solutions for brands in 5 languages. We look forward to announcing this competence to the world, starting with Europe." said.

MindBehind to give priority to C-Commerce in 2021

Anil Kiper also touched on projects that will follow the new investment in his statement: "with the pandemic, we have provided chatbots and digital assistants with the features of e-commerce and payment solutions. In this way, we were accepted into the Facebook Commerce acceptor program in the last months of 2020. As part of the Program, we have developed our competencies in messaging applications included in the Facebook product family, such as WhatsApp and Messenger. In the coming days, we are preparing to implement projects that will be the first in Turkey and in the world in different sectors. Integrating commonly used global e-commerce and payment solutions such as WooCommerce, Magento, Stripe, Paypal into Mindbehind products is at the top of our 2021 agenda.” 

Sor's decision to move on as MindBehind

In addition to the new investment, another development is on the side of Sor, which emerged in 2016 with the dream of becoming the companies “WhatsApp. It announced that Sor, which launched its global brand and product Mindbehind at the beginning of 2020, has decided to continue with its European market growth target only under the name MindBehind by 2021, while continuing its growth by turning into a platform where brands can manage digital communication channels from one place. In this context, the company collected all its products and services under the MindBehind brand. Chatbot virtual assistant companies and their design, and they took to the air MindBehind they manage these brands mindbehind for managing and designing Studio assistants, customer representatives MindBehind talking with end users in real time, Live, virtual assistants providing a payment solution for this POS was MindBehind a few of the product and services. 

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