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Izmir is moving rapidly towards becoming Turkey's Technology Center!
Izmir is moving rapidly towards becoming Turkey's Technology Center!

Izmir's role in the development of Turkey in the IT sector is gradually increasing. In 2020, 271 technology companies were established in Izmir and the growth in the sector attracts the attention of domestic and foreign investors.

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İZMİR (TR) - As technology becomes more and more widespread in all areas of our business and private lives, the growth momentum captured by technology companies in Turkey is also dazzling. According to TOBB data, in 2020, due to the growth rate of companies, foreign investors' investments in newly established technology companies in Turkey reached 41.9 million TL.

Ranked among fastest growing tech companies in just 7 years

While a new technology company is established every working day in Izmir, which is rapidly moving towards becoming the technology center of Turkey, good news from the sector came from Univis, which is celebrating its 7th year. The Izmir-based company, which offers innovative solutions in the field of IT, is the fourth fastest growing company in Turkey in “Top 500 IT Companies” survey, while Izmir is among the top 10 technology companies. The Turkish IT company, which has moved up 29 points and ranked first this year, announced that it aims to become one of the top 3 fastest growing IT companies in Turkey in 2021.

“Technology is no longer a choice but a necessity”

Making evaluations on the subject, Merthan Kaleli, General Manager of Univis, stated that they are proud and happy with their success in a short time. Kaleli said, “We support companies in their digital transformation journey with the projects we develop specifically for the company in line with needs analysis. In particular, the challenging pandemic conditions we are in have made it clear that technology investments and IT solutions are no longer a choice but a must for companies. As Univis, we work to add value to our customers' business processes with an expert and dedicated team as well as innovative technologies. We have achieved a sustainable growth momentum in 7 years. Our goal in 2021 is continuing our steady progress to print our name among Turkey's top 3 fastest growing IT company and the best way to represent our country in the international arena.”

We have 30 years of experience wind behind us

Reminding that their story began with the establishment of its sister companies, Univera Corporate Technology Solutions in 1992, Merthan Kaleli said, “Univis also undertakes extensive projects on hardware product needs that are complementary to software solutions. Actually, our story started with Univera. We have provided IT support services under the umbrella of Univera for many years. For 7 years, we have been offering IT solutions to many sectors with Univera's many years of experience and Univis' innovative approach. Taking the wind of 30 years of experience behind us, we provide services in hardware, technical service and consumables, and support our customers to progress using up-to-date technologies. We will continue to play an active role in the digital transformation of our customers with our innovative IT solutions.”

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