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Zeren Group Holding's $ 40 million energy investment in the Netherlands and Poland
Zeren Group Holding's $ 40 million energy investment in the Netherlands and Poland

Zeren Group, one of Turkey's long-established Holdings, has taken action for renewable energy investments in Europe. The group will invest $ 40m in energy in the Netherlands and Poland.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Zeren Group, one of Turkey's long-established Holdings, has taken action for renewable energy investments in Europe. Financial consultancy, construction, real estate, media, outdoor advertising, offering solutions in Information Technology and automotive sectors for almost half a century, a group of renewable energy investments in Europe to sign. According to the information obtained from the holding, in this context, solar and wind energy investments of 40 million dollars will be realized in the Netherlands and Poland.

After England and Montenegro, the Netherlands and Poland are next 

In a statement on this issue, Zeren Group CEO Mustafa Yiğit Zeren noted the group's investments in the UK and Montenegro and shared the following information about new investments: “in all our investments, we adopt an understanding that we believe we can find our potential and turn possible ideas into opportunities. We will continue our foreign investments in 2021. In the Netherlands and Poland, which have been on our agenda for a long time, we accelerated the issue of renewable energy investments during the pandemic period. As Zeren Group, we will continue our mission of providing national income to our country with investments in solar and wind energy in these countries. Most importantly, we will take another big step towards becoming a global company.”

Target to reach 50 MW portfolio in next 3 years 

Mustafa Yiğit Zeren, who stressed that they will continue to grow with new investments, especially in the field of energy and Tourism, said: “during the pandemic process, we organized our long-term investments more broadly. As Zeren Group, we aim to grow in international investment and strategic areas by 2021. In this context, renewable energy investments are the first of the sectors we consider. Especially in the field of solar energy, the cost advantages brought by developing technologies distinguish investments positively. We are currently developing renewable energy projects in several European countries, especially the Netherlands, Ukraine and Romania. In this area, we cooperate with important international players of the energy sector. Our goal is to reach a 50 MW portfolio in the next 3-year period." said.  

"In future renewable energy” 

Mustafa Yiğit Zeren, who also pointed out that renewable energy sources are vital for the future of the world, said: “while the world's energy consumption is increasing, fossil fuel sources are constantly decreasing. Every year we consume more energy than the last. In order to meet this high demand, we must make maximum use of renewable energy sources. As Zeren Group, we believe that the future is in renewable energy. For this reason, we will continue to invest in solar and wind.” was in the form.

"Turkey is successfully fighting against the epidemic”

Finally, Mustafa Yiğit Zeren, who also mentioned how the holding took a position in the epidemic process, said: “the Coronavirus outbreak affected not only Turkey, but also the whole world. But we welcome the support of our state, which has successfully fought coronavirus in the field of economy and health, for businesses. Thanks to our strong structure, we did not benefit from economic support packages during this period. We thought it was more appropriate for institutions in need to benefit from support. Hard times will pass. It is important to maintain community health and reduce job losses during this period. And our state has somehow secured everyone's job." said.

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