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The Future Of The Health Sector " 11. Evaluated at "Joint Solution meetings in health"
The Future Of The Health Sector " 11. Evaluated at "Joint Solution meetings in health"

Organized to evaluate changes and innovations in health with all stakeholders of the health sector and to contribute to the health system with appropriate solutions to problems " 11. Joint Solution Meetings In Health” Minister Of Health Dr. Fahrettin husband and family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk attended the opening session.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Organized by the Association of private hospitals and health organizations (OHSAD), ' 11. Joint Solution Meetings In Health ' Minister Of Health Dr. Fahrettin Koca, Minister of family, Labor and Social Services Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, President of the Social Security Institution Ismail Yilmaz, Chairman of the OHSAD Board of Directors Dr. Reşat Bahat and President of the private hospitals Platform Association Dr. Mehmet Altuğ started with the opening session held on December 17, 2020 online with the participation of private, public and university hospitals, insurance companies and companies providing products and services to the health sector.

Minister of Health, who attended the opening ceremony of the online Congress with a video message, Dr. Fahrettin Koca said that the importance of acting together and carrying out the fight together, observing the same goal against the pandemic, is very clear. “Our goal is to have a Turkey where a healthy lifestyle is adopted as a society, where everyone's right to health is protected, where everyone in need has easy access to quality health care on time and in order to have the same goal, " said Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, who believes that the sector shares the same goal. Our public and private health sector has taken an important responsibility for successfully continuing the fight against the pandemic. I fully believe that our health sector has given a successful test. The pandemic is not over yet, and the threat it poses has not disappeared. We can't give up the measures yet. We can't relax the vigilance in our medical institutions, in the field. We have to be prepared with a private hospital and a public hospital. Let's not abandon our optimism, our hopes, but let's not neglect to be prepared." said.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, who said that they also care about health tourism, said: “We are trying to create synergy in this area under the Coordination of ushash, which we have established. We have a health system based on the understanding that public service is provided without distinction of ownership with all health institutions. In particular, the city hospitals and the public brought a different dimension to the competition over the quality that private hospitals offer with hospitality services. Especially if we are based on the level we have reached as a result of the contribution made to health tourism by private health organizations through their efforts, it will not be a dream to achieve larger goals together., ” he said.

Minister of family, labour and Social Services Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk also attended the opening session via video message. Minister Selcuk stressed that since the first case in Turkey, they have taken and continue to take the necessary measures in constant consultation with non-governmental organizations, trade unions, business and academics to reduce the negative effects of the epidemic and protect citizens. Spending life under the Shield of social protection of applications and support as the ministry played an active role in the management of the epidemic with underlining, Emerald Zehra Selçuk minister, “the ministry as our work, social assistance, social services, working life, social security, as we conduct 4 under the hood. As part of the epidemic Social Support Program, we have provided close to 10 billion pounds of cash assistance. We also took the necessary measures in our social service organizations. We strictly and strictly implement measures to protect the health of our citizens staying in our women's guest houses, children's homes, disabled care and rehabilitation centers and nursing homes. In order to protect employment, work, our workers, workplaces and employers in working life, we quickly put into operation our practices such as short work allowance, cash wage support, termination of employment restriction and normalization support. In this context, we have offered 36.3 billion pounds of support for our employees.” was in the form.

Minister Selcuk, more than 1 million health workers in the country are employed in private hospitals about a quarter of the recorded speech, health in the field of finance as well as the ministry will serve in this field of employment support provided by stating that they also organize various active workforce programs such as on-the-job training programs, vocational training courses and entrepreneurship training through IŞKUR said.

“11.Speaking at the opening session of the meeting of common solution in Health, Social Security Authority Chairman Ismail Yilmaz, Social Security reform with three institutions are combined under one roof, and insurance, pension, and significant gains that has been achieved in the field of health, recalling the reform of the most important parameter, it is stated that the general health insurance application. Yilmaz, "in the new system established with the Reform, all citizens' access to health services has been easier, the proportion of our citizens in health security has increased from 70 percent to 99.5 percent. Compared to 2006, our number of active insurers increased from 14 million to 22 million, an increase of about 55 percent, and the number of retirees increased from 7.2 million to 12.4 million, an increase of about 74 percent. For us, reform is not a finished process. We continue to make continuous improvements and new regulations that will increase the level of welfare of our citizens., ” he said.

OHSAD Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. In his speech, Reşat Bahat ranked Turkey in the top 10 in the world in the number of cases and 19 in patient deaths. he noted that the success of the health system lies in this statistic. From time to time, as the private sector 'resentments and intimidation' can be stated Bahat, said:

"Our industry has had to offer 90 percent of its services in parts where it is almost forbidden to get noticed. In fact, we have become an industry whose services have been nationalized. Of course, if our service is publicized, if your payment is publicized, naturally, you should contribute to the rest, but we unfortunately faced market rules regarding payments. Our indiscretions about this have been heard correctly by many merci. But some of our friends heard it wrong and believed that we wanted to be publicized. We wanted to say, 'if you have publicized so many services, pay our staff's salary, rent or expenses, if necessary, we will work for a while.' But none of this has yet happened the way we wanted it to.”

Bahat, who also stressed that private hospitals used their facilities to the fullest during this period, expressed his belief that this would have an equivalent in the public and politics. “Although the small contribution we receive flies away in the process of the pandemic, I continue to believe that the continuation of this will come, " said Bahat, who stressed that they also found the changes made in sut correct." said.

President Of The Private Hospitals Platform Association, Dr. In his speech, Mehmet Altug stated that health tourism provides great benefits to the country and the sector, will contribute more after the outbreak, and that promotion should be done well in terms of health tourism and that the current advantage should be evaluated well. Altug noted that health tourism brings great benefits to the country and the sector, will contribute more after the outbreak, noting that promotion in terms of health tourism should be done well and the current advantage should be evaluated well.

11. After the opening session, the joint solution meetings in health were completed with various sessions including the Ministry of Health, Social Security Institution and senior managers of the private health sector.

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