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The change in the new year starts from the bags!
The change in the new year starts from the bags!

Amazing discount from 49.com

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Tas Stationery for all lider is the highlight of the 50th year experience of Şahin Ozalit, the leading company in the stationery sector and 30 years experience of Office Furniture. In 2015, the special design High Sierra and Faber-Castell backpacks are waiting for their owners at a very reasonable price.

Starting from December 14, 2015, until February 2016, anyone who buys High Sierra brand multi-purpose backpacks in the 2016 campaign will receive a steel thermos, while those who buy the beautiful Faber-Castell backpacks have the same design pencil bags without paying a fee. During the campaign, High Sierra backpacks are included in the price of 151,15 TL including VAT, and Faber-Castell bags with prices starting from 75,36 TL including VAT.

Şahin Ozalit, which has left behind 30 years in stationery and office equipment sector, established 49.com.tr in order to meet the consumers with special, high quality and boutique stationery materials at affordable prices within the bureau, home, office, school, work safety in many areas such as stationery supplies. offers to the taste of consumers. Sharpener, garbage bin, chalkboard, bag, notebook, dough, bag, business card holder, mini-speaker, cup thermos of many products are offered for sale at 49.com.tr, while over 100 TL shipping fee is not taken.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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