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SESTEK-AloTech cooperation brought an award to the VESTEL Call Center.
SESTEK-AloTech cooperation brought an award to the VESTEL Call Center.


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ISTANBUL (TR) - Contact Center World, one of the most prestigious organizations in the world, who has chosen the best of the call center industry every year, has been awarded with VESTEL this year. VESTEL Call Center won a gold medal with its partners SESTEK and AloTech. The project allows VESTEL customers to create their own demand using voice commands when they call 0850 222 41 23 to request the installation of the product they have purchased.

Within the scope of the Self Service Project which combines AloTech's cloud solution with SESTEK's Speech Recognition and Speech Synthesis technologies, when customers tell the information of the product they receive with the province and district where they live, they are matched with the nearest VESTEL authorized service and an automatic installation request is created. The project which eliminates the obligation to connect to the customer representative; offers speed, ease of operation and automation to increase customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

What did they say?

SESTEK General Manager Serdar Karadayı said, günümüzde It is imperative to provide practical and useful services in order to ensure customer satisfaction in today's self-service services. With the automation and ease of use they offer, audio technologies increase customer satisfaction as well as productivity. Along with AloTech, the success of the project we realized for VESTEL demonstrates the contribution of sound technologies. 

AloTech CEO Cenk Soyak said: bu We, as Alotech, are pleased to see that this project, which we realized together with SESTEK for the VESTEL Call Center, won one of the most prestigious awards of the call center sector. Project; AloTech's cloud solutions, which make a difference with cost advantage, combined with the audio technologies, also demonstrate that self-service applications can be offered that guarantee customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. maliyet

In the category of üzel Best Self Service Technology leri, VESTEL Customer Services Executive Vice President C. Selcen Uyguntüzel; Dı The self-service application saved our customers first of all time. Without having to contact our customer representatives, they are able to create product assemblies themselves. Therefore, we have achieved maximum efficiency in the work force. With our business partners and engineer friends in line with customer expectations, we are developing many leading projects in the industry. At VESTEL Call Center, we strive to receive our sincere and sincere thanks to our customers for a beyond-satisfaction goal. Our work, which carries us to this target, is rewarded in the international platform and motivates us to do better. I would like to thank my colleagues and business partners who contributed to this project.

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