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Karaman 1700 Children Meet Cinema!
Karaman 1700 Children Meet Cinema!

Sinemasal Akdeniz Journey Continues With Antalya After Antalya! Organized with the cooperation of the Ministry of Culture, the children continue to smile! 

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ISTANBUL (TR) - In the fourth year of Cinema, which brings together children living in the countryside with all the colors of art, especially the cinema, on the road for the children of the Mediterranean.

Monday, October 3 The festival, which started its journey from Istanbul, completed its second stop, Karaman, following Antalya. On Sunday evening (October 9th), everyone from seven to seventeen watched the film Ice Age 5, participating in an open-air film screening at the Lütfi Elvan City Square in Ermenek.

Visiting the historical and cultural sites of Karaman on Monday, October 10, the 50-strong team of cinematic volunteers discussed the impact of culture and art on socio-economic growth through workshops held in the evening.

Sinemasal team prepared a fairy tale concept for the Mediterranean children and reached the town of Güneyyurt early Saturday morning (October 11th). Many events, from the concert to the cinema, from the painting workshop to the performances, brought color to the children's lives. Enthusiasm and joyful moments were reflected in the children's face.

Closing the speech of the Karaman stage of the festival's general art director Enes Kaya, since 2013, the ongoing love of Sinemasal Karaman with 23 reached, he said. Kaya Kaya stated that Güneyyurt activities have a very important place for Sinemasal and 700 children attending the event are in Cinema Now Villages! a record on behalf of the impressions stated. He finished his speech by thanking to the General Directorate of Cinema, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and Gül Bengi Boyaci, who was the supporter of the Sinemasal Karaman stage.

The festival, which will continue its journey today with a film screening in Tarsus Republic Square after Antalya and Karaman, applies the following three-day program in each province:

Day 1: 'Favorite of the City' 1. Event
Day 2: Cultural Trips and Social Highlights
Day 3: Cinema is now in Villages!

Festival Calendar:
12-14 October, Tarsus, Mersin
October 15-17 Seyhan, Adana
18-20 October Kadirli, Osmaniye
21-23 October Antakya, Hatay

Are we making the world a more NICE place in this year's PEACE and COMPLIANCE set out with the question of the festival, waiting for all the great little princes and princesses.

For more information please visit www.sinemasal.org.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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