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Two New Awards to Esra from Design Turkey
Two New Awards to Esra from Design Turkey


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ISTANBUL (TR) - Ersa Furniture, which has been awarded by Design Turkey with its 3 products so far, has won two new awards in the, Good Design en category. Neo was awarded the award under the Carn Design Turkey 2016 Industrial Design Awards ival by Ece Yalım Design Studio and the table and chair of Tambour and Ersa Design Team in the Carnival series designed for Ersa.

Ersa with the reliability and quality at an important place in the office furniture manufacturer in Turkey, "Good venue good furniture should", saying Turkey and as well as working with major designers from around the world, the design team in-house, enriches its product range with good design examples. Ersadüs products have received many international awards from Red Dot to Good Design, iF to A’Design.

Design Turkey

Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards, with the collaboration needs in Turkey, exports and value-added products in the national market and rewarding good design confers competitive advantage, society and the benefits it provides to the industry, the Ministry of Economy in order to make it visible, Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) and Industrial Designers Society of (ETMK), a design evaluation system organized under the Turquality Program. In this year's competition, 370 projects were applied by 13 different categories and evaluated by an international jury of 30 people.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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