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Roamler: The eyes of retail brands on the market
Roamler: The eyes of retail brands on the market

Roamler: The eye of retail brands in the market. Monetizing mobile application Roamler provides additional revenue to its users Para​...

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Dutch market research firm originating in Turkey 3 years Roamer entering the market, 3 continents, in 17 countries, gives them the opportunity to earn additional revenue through the application user to perform simple tasks. Last year, Roamler successfully carried out a total of 1.5 million jobs in 17 countries with over 100,000 active users worldwide.

Roamler, which combines crowdsourcing with market research, supplies the data needed by retail brands especially through its mobile phone application, and allows users to earn additional revenue. The motto of the brand, which has made significant efforts for many retail brands until this time; . Make money by doing whatever you want, when you want to stick to something. That's freedom!

Users who download the mobile application to their mobile phones which enable them to reach the data needed by the retail brands in a fast and cost-effective way, selects the appropriate ones from the different locations or times in the system. He completes the task and takes photos of his / her smart phones, uploads them to the system and completes the task after approval. Users who earn money and points through the system are preferred for larger tasks according to the number of tasks they perform. Accumulated earnings are transferred to users via bank transfer.

Roamer are waiting to have eyes in the field of brands with thousands of users take part in Turkey's market promises.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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