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Projects reached a financial volume of TL 3.5 million in 15 months.
Projects reached a financial volume of TL 3.5 million in 15 months.

Projects reached a financial volume of TL 3.5 million in 15 months.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Converting the production of human competence huaas (Human Intelligence as a Service) business model in Turkey's first and only representative of the Project on Development Ltd. We Ltd. Şti, grows rapidly by transferring the income obtained to its enterprises. Continuing its operations in Balat, the company set off in January 2016 with TL 2,500 cash capital and loan supports, without any investment partners, and reached a financial volume of TL 3.5 million in 15 months. The company, which has invested TL 1.5 million in its ventures to date, continues to invest in people who work on different venture projects. A. Seçkin Canan, the founder of Olmadık Projects, who stated that there is no initiative in the communication sector to produce qualified content, says that the sector will grow with a content-oriented approach and that they plan their initiatives accordingly.

Olmadık Communication Agency, which is the corporate pillar of the system and the most powerful initiative at the same time, operates in every field of communication with its main staff of 5 people and approximately 100 professionals in the business network. SAP's largest itelligence from international partners, ERSA has 60 years of experience in office furniture, disaster recovery and specializes Cloner ICT in business continuity solutions, one of Turkey's largest stationery e-commerce platform 49.com.t and easy from attempts to draw attention to the recent It manages the communication processes of HR. Eczacıbaşı VitrA, Treo Teknoloji and Koç University's Entrepreneurship Research Center KWORKS are working on a project basis. The press service is provided to companies as a service.

At the Olmadık Projects Atelier, which hosts the Olmadık Projects team and all its initiatives; There is a common work area, a workshop and a library for designers and laborers. The doors of the 3-storey workshop are open to anyone who wants to produce and work together. We did not have any design initiatives for the projects. The shop brings the producers together under the same roof. Original designs prepared with handmade or limited production meet consumers through e-commerce website.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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