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Turkey turned its route to digital conversion, itelligence geared up!
Turkey turned its route to digital conversion, itelligence geared up!

Turkey turned its route to digital conversion, itelligence geared up!

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ISTANBUL (TR) - SAP's Platinum Partner, itelligence which play an important role in the digital transformation of the company in Turkey, has grown 8 times last 4 years. Seeing the potential in the market, the company moved to its new office to expand its team.

At a time when everything traditional in the digital age has changed, itelligence, one of the largest international business partners in SAP's ecosystem, the world's leading software for business applications, enables companies to implement their digital strategies. In this respect Daimler, Unilever and Liu as well as multinational companies such as BSH, Bilkent Holding, Carrefour, BMC, companies with important references such as e-doll and IDO quickly, says increased interest and demand for digital transformation in Turkey. To reach more than 525 employees in a short time and the growth of itelligence with an investment of $ 6.3 million moved into new offices, in a sense accelerate the digital transformation of how the company makes it clear that in Turkey.

itelligence Turkey CEO Dr. Abdülbahri Danış stated that digitalization has become a necessity instead of being a preference and that SMEs have been on the move recently thanks to the changing and easier technology.

The new office's opening of itelligence coming to Turkey on the occasion of CFO Michael Doran is a population showing a much younger and faster development in Turkey compared to western Europe, stating that they closely follow the dynamics and the change in the economy to be followed for Turkey spoke of the map.

itelligence Regional Director for Eastern Europe and China, Urban Hopen, emphasized that new technologies and modules require speed, agility and adaptability in the digital transformation processes and the need for competent team recruitment.

SMEs have great interest in digital transformation!
Stating that those who cannot keep up with the digital transformation will be behind the era, Danış said, ız We are the leading IT service provider of our country, which is located in the ecosystem of the world's leading software company SAP. Since 2000, we have been growing rapidly thanks to important projects focused on digital transformation. In 2012, 140 people today, we have exceeded 525. In the next 3-4 years, we aim to grow even more and reach a thousand of our employees. Within this scope, we want to provide better service to our customers and to be our companions in digital transformation processes by opening our new office which we have realized by working day and night but we work with enthusiasm as much. ”

Stating that the interest of SMEs in digital transformation has increased considerably, Danış said, yan In addition to our large-mounted customers that we pioneered the journey of digital transformation, we also receive great demand from SMEs in the last two or three years. SAP's new technologies offer great opportunities and facilities for SMEs. SMEs are able to capture new and used technologies with small capital investments thanks to options such as subscription payment. In this sense, we work as partners of SMEs. We draw them a roadmap with a process, not a single shot project. So they know what to expect in the next 3 or 5 years. Our goal is to expand our influence over companies of this size and become a full companion of SMEs. ”

"A fairly young population and rapid development in Turkey, so the company has a"
Stating that many companies from different industries accompany the digital transformation journey, Dorin said, “With the digital transformation, corporations and customer experience are reshaped. In this sense, we are witnessing the concrete benefits of companies. The sustainable growth figures we have achieved in 26 countries after the gains we have made to both institutions and customers indicate how well we are on the right track. As of the end of 2016, our global turnover reached 777.9 million Euros and the number of employees exceeded 6 thousand. ”

Turkish people is quite open to new technology transfer Dorin, "Turkey, much younger than in Western Europe and has a population of rapid development. In this sense, there are so many companies. They are working hard to capture new technologies. With digitalization becoming increasingly an end-to-end solution, competition is growing. Technology is needed to gain competitive advantage, otherwise you cannot survive. There are many companies that are aware of this, know the value of technology and ask us to help them on this journey. Of course we are with them in this process. But I would like to point out that our business is not only technology. Because technology alone won't be enough. We need to combine this with business ideas. Thus, as in many countries we can not provide the best performing companies in the sector of our customers in Turkey. In this sense, we are working with our strength. ”

“The secret to success in digital transformation: speed, agility and adaptation and the recruitment of a competent team uygun”
itelligence's also in Turkey as well as abroad catch the attention of a highly successful graphical Hope, "itelligence, 2016 consolidated revenues reached nearly $ 150 million in Turkey by the end of. The turnover has grown 8 times in Euro terms in the last 4 years. The success graph that was achieved here also allowed itelligence to be assigned in the management process of its new office in Dubai. companies to transform the Middle East trip will be accompanied by itelligence Turkey, "he said.

Stating that SAP started with ERP years ago and today it has a very wide set of solutions, Hopen said, yeni The new technologies, developments and resources offered will be a tremendous journey for all of us. Various modules are developing with the new technology. In this context, in order to meet the needs of companies in digital transformation and provide them with sustainable solutions, you need a team that is fast, agile, capable of adapting to technology easily and appropriately. itelligence has a strong and global family that meets all of these and acts as a bridge between SAP's teams. We must always be prepared to help our customers. Every day, our consultants get a new learning experience. They need to learn and understand new models, today's newest technology and application. ”

Zorund We have to capture the new work environment demanded 

In today's world, regardless of sector and size, itelligence has achieved great successes by guiding their transformation journeys in a period when all companies are talking intensively digitization, and the secret behind this success has been carried to its new 3-storey office in Ataşehir. In this context, free and common workspaces were created in order to comply with the requirements of the digital age. In the office where home comfort is prioritized as well as the areas of experience that will strengthen internal communication; with activity areas, terraces and social areas which are also intended to be used as working areas; private meeting rooms, writable walls and one of the Starbucks branches in the office were created and a young, dynamic, determined, hard working, transparent and friendly environment was created.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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