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MTV Hike Changes Habits in Automotive Sector
MTV Hike Changes Habits in Automotive Sector

MTV Hike Changes Habits in Automotive Sector

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ISTANBUL (TR) - 15% increase in vehicles under 1300 cc and 25% increase in motor vehicles with higher motor volume changes the consumer habits in the automotive sector. Drivers who buy alıp accelerator performance products alarak by buying vehicles with lower engine volumes rather than buying high-volume vehicles and paying high taxes; while increasing vehicle performance, it provides fuel savings up to 7%.

The first method applied by consumers who try to improve vehicle performance without getting stuck in the tax zone is the devices that optimize the accelerator pedal response time. This area makes a quick introduction to the German DTA System produced by Pedalbox products to Turkey market will come to the fore with its quality and performance.

The TÜV-approved Pedalbox accelerator gas reactor is installed in the accelerator pedal socket without any cutting or drilling operations. The most important feature of the device does not deteriorate the warranty of the vehicle is mounted within 5 minutes of the performance increase in the vehicle immediately occurs. Since improving vehicle performance is an issue that will affect the precise balance of the vehicle, Pedalbox analyzes the performance diagrams of the vehicles and offers special kits for each brand and model.

According to international standards, automotive manufacturers optimize the accelerator pedal reaction time so that all drivers, young, old, female, male and disabled, can be used in common ground. This general standard leads to a prolonged gas reaction time. Pedalbox accelerates this time and offers economy, sports and sport plus modes to drive your vehicle at full speed and performance.

Pedalbox distributor for Turkey, Uludag Group, offers 20 years of experience and more than 150 dealers with 100% German production of the accelerator pedal reaction devices in the industry in response to consumers seeking performance. both performance and conditions in Turkey fuel economy, indicating that it is very important for the drivers Uludag Group General Coordinator Hakan SÜMER, "Pedalbox, as well as increased performance, providing to save fuel up to 7%. Considering the number of LPG vehicles reaching 4.5 million in our country, it is very important that the device reduces the performance losses in vehicles with LPG to zero. In order to reflect our trust in Pedalbox to our customers, we offer free testing on their vehicles and a 15-day money back guarantee. ”

Pedalbox, which won the 2016 Performance Award as a result of the tests of the leading German auto magazine Auto Tuner, is also on the list of products approved by the German Modification Association.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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