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E-commerce will determine the future of SMEs
E-commerce will determine the future of SMEs

E-commerce will determine the future of SMEs

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Ideasoft an average of 30% every year since 2013 in Turkey, growing 50 billion pounds by the end of 2017 to reach a volume opens up the world of e-commerce for SMEs expected their doors.

Turkey's leading e-commerce infrastructure company with ıdeasoft Beykent University, organized by SME E-commerce Summit, with the participation of more than 400 companies Beykent University on Saturday November 11 was held on this campus. The executives of IdeaSoft, Google, Turkcell, BKM Express, MNG Cargo, Criteo, ebebek.com, Kalemlik.com and e-hirdavat.com; shared their knowledge and experience with digital transformation, online payment systems, delivery, mobile marketing and consumer satisfaction with SMEs. Through the open stands of Turkey's leading companies, SME managers in payment systems, in areas such as advertising and logistics evaluate new cooperation opportunities.

IdeaSoft, the biggest event of this year's activities to raise awareness about e-commerce; Ensuring active participation of SMEs in e-commerce is aiming to increase its contribution to Turkey's economy.

Rector of Beykent University, who made the opening of the summit. Dr. Mehmet Emin Karahan, "since 2008, seen as an alternative solution for the digital transformation of the economic crisis in the world, is rapidly developing in Turkey. The digitalisation; In all sectors, reaching new people and new geographies, offers a brand new income opportunity. The adaptation of e-commerce, which has a usage rate of only 2.5% in our country, is very important especially for SMEs to maintain their own assets and increase their contribution to the national economy. In this context, as Beykent University, we are pleased to partner with IdeaSoft to form the “SME E-Commerce Summit amacıyla in order to support the empowerment of SMEs.”

SMEs to survive and grow their business e-commerce that you need transport ıdeasoft CEO Seyhan Özkara "rapid digitalization process taking place in the world and Turkey; It also developed the needs of producers and consumers. In Turkey, the giant brands of digital investments and the rapid growth of digital SMEs makes it necessary to adapt this process. As a company with a 50% market share in e-commerce sector in Turkey, since 2005 we have carried out many studies in order to increase the profits of SMEs in e-commerce since. The SME E-Commerce Summit was also an event that we took all aspects of e-commerce from end to end and added a new sense of digitalization to the sector. ”


About IdeaSoft
Turkey's leading e-commerce infrastructure provider ıdeasoft since 2005 and offers mobile web-based software solutions. The company continues to work as a technology company that will increase their competitiveness, create added value and produce quality projects and solutions in the process of achieving the business objectives of the company of all scales.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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