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Insurance sales increased by 282% in 2017!​
Insurance sales increased by 282% in 2017!​

Insurance sales increased by 282% in 2017!​

According to Koalay.com data, in 2017 compared to the previous year; Total sales of traffic, automobile insurance and TCIP insurances increased by 282%.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Koalay.co online insurance sales platform, based upon the data traffic generated by its users across Turkey for 2017, it announced the changing trends on the TCIP insurance and insurance. According to 2017 data, Koalay experienced an increase of 282% from the total sales of automobile, traffic and TCIP insurances compared to the previous year. Starting from the end of 2016, the highest increase in insurance sales was in traffic insurance sales by 183%, followed by DASK insurance with an increase of 175.7%. Sales of motor vehicles increased by 146%.

Traffic and automobile insurance online sales are in demand
According to Koalay.com data, which serves as a full and real-time online insurance sales platform from proposal creation to purchase stage; In 2017, 41% of traffic insurance sales and 32% of automobile insurance sales were realized online. In 2016, these figures were; While it was 6.3% for automobile sales and 13% for traffic insurance sales, there was a significant increase in online insurance sales in 2017. Within this scope, the number of online sales in the Casco category increased by 1150% compared to the previous year. In the sector where online sales gain momentum compared to traditional methods, Koalay.com, where users can buy insurance without any help, stands out as the only digital sales platform that makes online insurance sales in the sector.

The highest TCIP demand from Balıkesir…
While Konya is the province where Koalay users demand the most DASK insurance in 2016, the highest demand came from Balıkesir in 2017. In 2016, the highest demand for traffic insurance and automobile insurance came from Ankara, while Istanbul was the province that made the highest demand in 2017.

Age range of most insurance buyers: 25 - 34
According to Koalay’s 2017 sales data, which allows users to purchase insurance in 5 steps by receiving Traffic Insurance and Casco offers from different companies, the average age range of insurance buyers varies between 18 and 65. Most insurance buyers who are in the 25 - 34 age range is remarkable. According to the data obtained from the sectoral distribution of the users, 3.58% of insurance buyers are automotive, 3.33% are education and 3.21% are in financial sector.


About Koalay.com
Koalay; Known for its successful application online services Telesur South African Insurance Group, which launched online in Turkey in 2014, it serves as insurance sales platform. By comparing the insurance companies' insurance, traffic insurance and DASK offers, policy amounts and scopes, it finds the appropriate policy and enables users to save time and price. Users can only make 5 purchases in 3 minutes.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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