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85% of those who invest in e-commerce made a profit!
85% of those who invest in e-commerce made a profit!

85% of those who invest in e-commerce made a profit!​

According to Dopigo's ’E-commerce Outlook Survey; In 2017, 85% of e-commerce initiatives were at least as profitable as their investment.

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ISTANBUL (TR) -Dopigo, a cloud-based e-commerce solution that enables all entrepreneurs who sell on the Internet to manage their e-commerce operations from a single point, announced the results of the E-commerce Outlook Survey conducted for the first time with the participation of more than 100 e-commerce entrepreneurs. Evaluating the e-commerce sector's 2017 scorecard and 2018 expectations from the eyes of the e-commerce sector players, the research reveals that e-commerce continues to be profitable and the expectations from 2018 are high.

Internet Markets The Most Popular Sales Channel While 70% of the participants stated that they mostly do physical merchandising, they have been dealing with e-commerce for less than 5 years, especially in market places such as n11.com, GittiGidiyor.com, Hepsiburada.com. Only 40% of the participants have a unique e-commerce site.
Participants; When they consider physical, wholesale or e-commerce sales channels, they get the most revenue from e-commerce. While 55% of the participants stated that they generate more income from e-commerce, 20% of those who stated that they earn more income from physical sales and 25% of wholesale sales had a much lower share.

E-Commerce Initiatives Grow Over 30 Percent in 2017
When the respondents were asked to evaluate their investments in the field of e-commerce in 2017; 15% of the participants stated that they made 5 times as much investment, 20% as 2 times and 50% as much as their investment. 15% shared that they made less profit from their investment.
While 55% of the respondents evaluating their expectations from e-commerce investments for 2018, they expect 2 times more income than their investments, and 30% say that they expect 5 times more income, and 15% think that they will earn as much or less as their investment. More than half of the respondents said that in 2017, the average size of activity in e-commerce increased by more than 30%.

New Selling Channels and New Product
In 2017, nearly 70% of e-commerce entrepreneurs worked for both new sales channels and new products, 50% made new technology purchases, 35% opened new offices / stores, and about 25% he says he grew up by hiring new employees.
The common problem of e-commerce; operational processes and follow-up. 55% of the participants stated that the most time-consuming issues in the operation were packaging, invoice cutting, inventory tracking and product research.

Major Risks: Exchange Rate, Inflation and Commission Rates
Participants are also worried about the increase in market place commission rates and inflation. The biggest risk for 45% of the participants is the increase in the exchange rate, followed by inflation and market place commission rates with 15%. Only 5% of the participants in my hand, e-commerce spending as a risk to see the decline.,

Within the scope of the research, participants were also asked to sort their expenses. Last year, the highest expense items were procurement and operational costs (such as warehouse, rent, employee wages), while the least expenditure was seen as advertising. On the other hand, it is noteworthy that the participants chose to increase their advertising budget as well as purchasing and operational expenditures in their e-commerce strategies for 2018.

About Dopigo
Dopigo is a Saas solution that enables all e-commerce entrepreneurs, especially companies, to manage their e-commerce operations from a single point through their marketplaces and websites. Dopigo is supported by the KWORKS Entrepreneurship Research Center.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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