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Half-Time Savings at Insurance
Half-Time Savings at Insurance

Due to the overdraft, the nedeniyle exemption helmet nedeniyle runs to help the drivers, who have given up the motorbike, to save about 25 to 50%.​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Motor vehicles, especially for accidents caused by damage due to various reasons, such as damage, due to increased insurance prices in recent times due to increased insurance prices to choose a insurance company has become. In particular, consumers who refrain from having to take a car because of over-budgeting are looking for ways to make cheap automobiles. The insurance provided by the insured by the insured up to a certain percentage of the insurance cost or damage, and the remaining amount by the insurer provides an opportunity to save almost 25% to 50% for those who give up the insurance due to overdraft. The online insurance sales platform koalay.com, which prepares a study in this direction, aims to increase the number of insured vehicles in the traffic by informing the consumers that they will choose an exemption vehicle that protects both the vehicle and the budget.

Exemptive Savings With 50% Savings

The main variable in the calculation of the value of the exemption in the car accident is the possible damage. In the exemption, certain percentages are calculated over the insurance cost for possible damage and in practice, these percentages are determined. In case of damage; depending on the determined rate of exemption, some of the damage will be covered by the insurer. Small, the damage is not covered by the insurer, insurance companies reduce the damage file opening costs, makes the insurance premium more appropriate. In this way, the insurance company obtains savings on the insurance premium, which says that it will not demand damages less than 500 TL within the period of 1 year.

There are 2 options in Exemption

In determining the exemption rate in exempted automobile insurance, the insured and insurance-making company mutually decides how the exemption will work. A certain rate of insurance or the specified price is exempted. In the first option; if the amount of damage exceeds a certain percentage of the cost of the insured vehicle, the last part (eg 2%) is paid to the insured. If the damage is below this rate, it is not paid. In the second option; The exemption under the exemption applies to the olmaksızın exemption ”which is made on a certain price regardless of the insurance price. If the damage exceeds this amount, an amount exceeding the amount is paid to the insured. If the damage is below this value, it is not paid.

About Koalay.com 

Online insurance sales platform where South Africans Telesur Insurance Group launched in Turkey in 2014 Koalay.co I, motor insurance offered by insurance companies, auto insurance and TCIP bids, compares policy amount and scope of the policy by scanning in a very short period of time. It saves time by finding the most appropriate bid for consumers' budget and needs, and allows insurance transactions to be easily handled.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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