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In 2020, 50% of white-collar workers will move to the free working system!
In 2020, 50% of white-collar workers will move to the free working system!

The new generation of white collars who want to get rid of working hours are transforming the institutions by moving to the free working system. 162 million in the world, while Turkey has 8.5 million employees working outside the office. The ratio of free workers to the workforce, which is currently 30%, will rise by 20% in two years, and the free working culture will dominate half of the global labor market.​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Freelance and remote work as well as all over the world economy entered the period of the rise in Turkey. At the Future of Business Conference at Levent Kolektif House, sponsored by Start-IST and Capital Events, many issues such as business life, the adaptation of the education system to the working systems, the change of new trends and the changing of office environment were discussed by experts. Diane Mulcahy, author of the book çalışan Gig Economy (Better Labor Economics): Better Work Guide yıl, who attended the event through video conference, said: (Freelancers with a 30% share in the global workforce will have a 50% share in 2020. This is a very fast-growing economy. 75% of the self-employed prefer this. Now people want to take control of their lives, decide where they work, with whom, how they work, Artık he said.

Free 8.5 million people working in Turkey
Bringing together the world with the remote working model to improve the skilled workforce with global companies Crossover Managing Director of the Mine Operations Dedeko by Turkey; he pointed out that the new generation is becoming more active in business life and the impact of technology has transformed all areas of life. Dedeko think, "the world 162 million, while trying to release 8.5 million people in Turkey. The interest of companies and individuals in remote study is increasing day by day. This is also a sign of a historical transformation. With the industrial revolution, we were detached from the houses and taken to the offices and factories. Now the human being is looking for a way to return to its essence.

Cisco cuts $ 277 million in free operating system
Pınar Yıldız Budakoğlu, the Sales Manager in charge of Cisco's Collaborations, pointed out that the three main problems shaped the business life. Cisco shut down 239 offices globally, saving $ 277 million a year. Many institutions have yet to adapt to remote work. One of the biggest obstacles to this culture, inden he said.

Education 4.0 cycle has begun: many professions will be defeated by artificial intelligence
The conference was held within the scope of the panel. Dr. Erhan Erkut and the Founder of Tink Schools Zeynep Dereli also expressed his views on the reflection of changes in business life on the education system. Noting that Training 4.0 is in place, Erkut said, eden The education system needs to be transformed. More than 1 million teachers in Turkey, there are over 200 universities. Intelligent creators need to be developed for Education 4.0. Because your grandchildren will not go to school. Çünkü Zeynep Dereli is also very futuristic belirleterek a job for the future of education, "Turkey does not have the institutions to integrate use of e-learning. First we have to convince the teachers. Individualization in education needs to be carried out. Eğitim

PWC Human Management and Organization Consultancy Director Mert Emcan said that in the future, many professions such as accountancy, call center operator, doctorate, surgeon and attorney will be turned into artificial intelligence or they will be completely eliminated and states should review their employment policies.

Office environment is changing
Changing office habits in the last session managed by that and Murat Erda spoken of Collective House founder Ahmet Onur and aims to gather under one roof all the common areas of study cowork7 / 24, led by Serkan Kurtuluş, in recent years the interest in the common work area in Turkey increased considerably but still to meet the potential needs number of areas.

Established in the US in 2014, Crossover enables talented human resources to work 100% from anywhere in the world in global technology companies. Crossover now has 2941 professionals from more than 100 countries.
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