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New opening in front of SMES: e-export
New opening in front of SMES: e-export

New opening in front of SMES: e-export

E-commerce volume in Turkey was based on the annual level of 45 billion TL. Online retail sales, which constitute an important part of e-commerce, grew by 31% last year to reach TL 14.7 billion. However, the share of SMES in online retail is almost non-existent. The new opening in front of SMES, e-export sales to Europe 

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Global B2B trade platform to its competitors in the Turkey Statistical Institute Xpann.com began serving in May 2018 (TSI), according to research compiled from the data, SMES, 55% of the exports of our country, 38% and imports it produces 62% of its total turnover. The share of SMES, which constitute 99% of retail and 80% of the employment in the sector, is almost negligible. However, the share of European SMES in e-commerce is 14.5%.

The main reason of the failure to take a share of the e-commerce for SMES in Turkey, indicating that the failure to provide the digital conversion Xpann.co Founder of the Feast Filikc "SMES are the main pillars of the Turkish economy. SMES capable of e-export are growing without being affected by the fragility of the domestic market. As xpann.com, we are an online marketplace that allows export and import between companies. Turkey's foreign trade volume in the first place focused on Europe. By providing free registration, we help SMEs to list and sell their products. We do not leave SMEs alone in the payment and transportation processes as well as the free micro site we provide for each user.

Target EU in export

The European Union (EU) countries have a great potential for Turkish SMES, Filikci said: likewise with Turkey, SMES constitute 99% of all enterprises in Europe. While 14.5% of European SMES make e-commerce, 7.5% sells abroad. habits of e-commerce and e-commerce volume by 450 billion euro EU countries than the world average consumers, manufacturers should speed up the e-export orientation process in Turkey. In particular, the UK constitutes 60% of the European e-commerce market with € 142 billion, Germany 80 billion Euros and France € 67 billion.

"SMES should be directed to e-export in order to survive"

E-commerce differs from classical retailing and eliminates many financial burdens and procedures. Providing a great opportunity for manufacturers who want to keep up with the digital era, Xpann is equipped with advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, offering intelligent search and filtering options for buyers as well as product offerings. Veya Unlike the global B2B trade sites, receiving payment and logistic support,. Said Bayram Filikci, “a dealer in China or the United States can send the product to the customer thousands of miles away. Such an infrastructure has been provided to people around here. As Xpann, we are planning to open up our country's producers and beauties to Europe. We will bring all producers from Stockholm to Lisbon, from the dried apricot producer in Malatya to the spare part in Izmit.

Launched as of May 2018, xpann.com was created as an online marketplace application that allows import and export transactions between companies. Directed by a Danish-based team, Xpann.com has registered more than 10,000 suppliers in the first three months, with more than 1 million products listed. Xpann distinguishes itself from its competitors, creating a micro site for each vendor and supporting suppliers in payment systems and logistics.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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