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Three out of every four retail giants in Turkey is supplemented with e-commerce!
Three out of every four retail giants in Turkey is supplemented with e-commerce!

Turkey's largest 100 retailers to examine the Univera, e-commerce increased by 15% over the last year that the company has announced that the number increased to 75. The brands that integrate the e-commerce structure into sales channels increase their sales network by 3 times by expanding the sales network.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Offering Univera Corporate technology solutions, e-commerce operations of Turkey's 100 largest retailer in terms of sales volume was examined. According to the survey, 65% of the retail giants with a total net sales volume exceeding TL 105 billion carried out direct e-commerce activity last year, while this ratio reached 75% in the first three quarters of 2018. 25 retail giants continue to serve their customers through a single channel with traditional retailing approach. The management of the wide product range, the integration into e-commerce and the lack of infrastructure to automate these processes are seen as the biggest reasons for the brands not to switch to multi-channel sales. Univera, which facilitates the transition of retailers to e-commerce with the digital solutions it offers, enables both B2B and B2C sales processes to be managed through the developed CommercePortal module. CommercePortal digitizes multi-channel sales management, enabling the end-user to make purchases through a single portal, as well as a dealer or distributor.

Univera Product Manager Emre Çelik stated that the revenue generated from the physical sales could be increased by multi-channel sales management. Belirten 25% of the giant retailers in our country do not enter into e-commerce activities and only perform physical sales. However, the total net sales they produce is 40%. Brands with such sales figures will revitalize the retail sector with new sales channels. With the EnRoute multi-channel sales management modules, which we have developed as a solution to the digital infrastructure problems of retailers, CommercePortal is able to carry out B2B and B2C sales processes to digital as well as manage different needs such as order, shipment and collection until delivery. 

E-commerce activities also increase physical sales.

According to a study conducted by Google, 51% of consumers buy products from physical stores that they like after research on the internet. The fact that companies with a single-channel sales process do not offer pre-sales, online research and experience related to the product, negatively affect purchasing behavior. According to another data, it is seen that the consumers who prepare shopping lists by examining the websites of the brands before shopping have done 3 times more purchases. The customer life expectancy value, which is defined as the financial amount that is expected to be earned to the brand during the relationship with consumers, is 30% more than the customers who shop in single channel.

About Univera 
Univera offers enterprise technology solutions since 1992 and produces software for digitalization of companies in sales, logistics and service. Solutions from A to Z produced at the R & D center operating since 2015; In order to meet the needs of different sectors, Multi Channel Sales Management, Partner Management, Mobile Team Management, Warehouse and Production Management, Field Data Collection, Supply Management, and business processes in areas such as fast and with the least error to ensure.

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