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Trading “talking“ gear up
Trading “talking“ gear up

Trading “talking“ gear up

57% of the population in Turkey, using mobile messaging applications. Mobile messaging users have reached 45 million 600 thousand people in the last two years by increasing 32% and directing new generation marketing strategies.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Chatbot-based shopping system According to the data compiled by Paym.es, 43% of the country's population in 2016 used the messaging application and in the last 2 years, this ratio reached 57% with 11 million new users. Turkey, reaching more than 1.5 billion people in the world WhatsApp, compared with the population as the most used locations in 6 countries. In our country, which leaves behind Indonesia and India as well as France and Canada, changing consumer habits create new trade areas. Another effect is the rise of the mobile social commerce "talking business" also gradually increases the effectiveness of Turkey. Paym.es, the domestic payment platform that allows individuals to receive payments from anywhere in the world without the need to set up a company, own a website, application or document, is one of the most important practitioners of commerce in Turkey. Paym.es is able to pay 300,000 users in the last 1 year and has managed to triple their revenues in the last 2 months.

Most ”manual labor products and digital consulting services“ are sold.

Our country is rapidly adapting to new payment systems, üzerinden said Sabrican Zaim, the Founding Partner of Paym.es. We have reached 300 thousand users in just one year. Handicraft products and digital consultancy services, which are ilk in trade by talking alıy articulated into social commerce, are the top two in terms of turnover. Istanbul, İzmir, Ankara and Eskişehir are the most traded provinces respectively, while transactions are concentrated between 18-19.00 hours during the day. The most active group is the 25-34 age group of users who make purchases via message applications.

2 new products from paym.es: web.paym.es and Face to Face Sales

Paym.es, which managed to increase its turnover by 3 times in 2 months, continues to develop its product. Sabrican Zaim stated that they carry the process on the messenger application to the web browser which provides secure and fast payment in corporate or individual sales. Web We also provide face to face sales via web.paym.es platform. When the buyer and seller are side by side; without boring forms and long-lasting approval process, without downloading any applications, no other device or POS, no need smartphones, tablets or computers, shortly from anywhere connected to the Internet to talk to the bank or credit card from Paym.es is possible to receive payments. All you have to do is to send a payment link to the recipient's phone number. The payment process is completed within seconds with the entry of credit card information on the page opened by the buyer.

Zaim added that Paym.es, which does not have a listing and installation fee, is given the most reasonable price guarantee and gives maximum benefit to the buyers and sellers. Paym.es users can start to receive payments within 20 seconds while receiving payment on the market place and link based payment systems. Moreover, sellers who use Paym.es before receiving long forms can receive their payments on a weekly basis. 

About Paym.es 
Paypal.es is a chatbot-based initiative that sets out with the motto shop as if you were talking to your friend ur, and offers reliable shopping to its users only through messaging applications without tedious form and long approval processes. Membership and product listing is free of charge. In the system that can be used by anyone who wishes as an individual or a company from anywhere in the world, payments can be collected in dollars or euros. Paym.es, who won the Seedstars Istanbul and also won global competitions such as a StartersHub XO initiative, Slush, and SterstershubXO, Startup Chile acceleration programs; Facebook, Telegram, Beep, Line, Whatsapp and ETSY have integration.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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