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We like eating nuts with our loved ones!
We like eating nuts with our loved ones!

We like eating nuts with our loved ones!

According to the research conducted by Peyman, we consume dried fruits and dried fruits with 60% of friends, family or guests. The third biggest segment of dried fruits market, and growing rapidly growing nuts, watching television, tea, with guests and cold drinks are preferred.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - arising from Turkey and nuts and dried fruits exported to more than 40 countries who Peyman, changing consumer trends and product range continues to develop in line with the quest for new flavors. consumer survey recently carried out by Peyman, 60% of the nuts and dried fruits in Turkey is consumed together with others, and reveals that it is an important social activity for people.

Peyman has prepared a series of mixed nuts with the highest market share of sunflower seeds and peanuts, and the growing view that fast-growing mixed nuts products are most often watched by television, with guests and with cold drinks. Mixed with four varieties, Classic, Catering, Sauce and Raw, the series of nuts provides a three-layer airtight package that preserves freshness and flavor as it was on the first day. Peyman Classic mixes with the loved ones watching television watching to those who like to eat nuts, the mixture of the occasion of the guests to offer the most beautiful tea was prepared for the guests. While the mixture of Sauce was developed for the spice enthusiasts who consumed the nuts with cold drinks, the packs of raw mixed nuts were formed as an instant meal for those who cared for a healthy and balanced diet.

"The consumer wants a simplicity and plenty of options instead of the confusion of the packaging on the market shelves"

Peyman Marketing Category Manager Nazlı Tandoğan stated that they are directing new product R & D studies with their consumer behaviors and market research. By listening to them at every opportunity, we produce new flavors and presentation forms. According to our latest research; consumers want to get rid of the confusion of packaging on the supermarket shelves, to read and understand the content of the products easily. Our target group, who especially likes mixed nuts, wants alternative mixtures to choose the product they want. When I added to this insight the tendency to share dried fruits and dried fruits with others, Peyman Mixed Nuts series was born. In this series, we have simplified the packaging design and eliminated the confusion of content. We have developed 4 mixes by providing the product that the consumer wants, visual simplicity and clarity. In the new series, it is possible to find a suitable mix for each main and every environment. We believe that in addition to the brands Dorleo and Nutzz from the garden, we will respond to consumer demands and expectations with our new series.


About Peyman
Reaching out to consumers with a wide range of products including nuts and dried fruits, Peyman is among the strongest brands in the sector. With its innovative approach, Peyman products which analyze the demands of consumers and search for new flavors correctly; The garden collects under the brands Çitliyo, Dorleo, Peyman and Nutzz, and the Dorleo brand is also located abroad. From America to Russia, from Middle Eastern Countries to Australia, Peyman has been reaching flavor lovers all over the world by exporting to more than 40 countries. With a 30% growth and a turnover of TL 560 million in 2017, Peyman opened its new factory in Eskişehir in a total area of ​​59,000 m2 in the first half of 2018 to meet domestic and international demands in high standards. Peyman at the level of national and international food standards; BRC (British Retail Consortium) has FDA, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001 and Halal Food certificates.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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