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People with disabilities can contribute 600 million liras to the country's economy through e-commerce
People with disabilities can contribute 600 million liras to the country's economy through e-commerce

Ideasoft and Turkey Spinal Cord Injury Association, implemented in cooperation with "no barriers to e-commerce" has social responsibility project gave its first graduates.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Leading e-commerce infrastructure provider ıdeasoft, with e-commerce through the objective of increasing the labor force participation rate in Turkey, students, and women now and then scored on a project for the disabled. Association of Turkey Spinal Cord Injury (TOFD) implemented in cooperation with the "E-no barrier to trade" within the scope's social responsibility project, 16 spinal cord paralyzed individuals who have successfully completed a comprehensive training program for e-commerce, "E-commerce Specialist" was awarded the certificate. New graduates will be able to establish their own business in the long run with the experience they have acquired while providing the sale of the products produced within the association.

"Only 15% of the more than 5 million people with disabilities in Turkey is working."

E-commerce training to people with disabilities aiming to reach more Ideasoft stating that Cukurova Chairman of the Board of Management Özkara, "According to TurkStat data, only 15% of the more than 5 million disabled people in Turkey working. Participating in the labor force increased only 5% of individuals with disabilities, contributing to Turkey's economy can provide about 600 million pounds each year. We believe that this is the way of e-commerce. Our friends who participated in our e-commerce trainings have achieved the competence to establish and manage their own e-commerce sites. While employing disabled individuals, we will also offer qualified employees to employers. In the coming period, when the need arises in the sector or a staff within the Ideasoft, we will evaluate the TOFD e-commerce education graduates and contribute to them. 

Ideasoft, which tries to bring more than 150,000 spinal cord paralyzed patients to the economy through e-commerce activities; With the support of iyzico, EG Bilişim, UPS Kargo and Beykent University, basic e-commerce topics such as payment systems, digital marketing, cargo and logistics were discussed. 16 graduates who have successfully completed the training will be able to provide additional income to the association by selling their products online.

About Ideasoft 
Since 2005, it is offering web and mobile-based software solutions Ideasoft, Turkey's leading e-commerce continues to operate as an infrastructure provider. In the process of realizing business objectives, it produces qualified projects and solutions that will increase the competitiveness of the companies from every scale and create added value.

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