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Two awards from IDC to Tam Faktoring!
Two awards from IDC to Tam Faktoring!

Two awards from IDC to Tam Faktoring!

Non-bank financial institutions among which is the only institution that has the full R & D center Factoring, IDC Turkey Finance Summit organized under the "2018 Finance Technology Awards" won several awards in two.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Global research firm International Data Corporation (IDC) held this year Turkey's fourth "IDC Turkey Finance Summit 2018"; financial, insurance, stock exchange and investment sector with the participation of the top executives of the leading institutions. After the summit hosted by Borsa İstanbul on Thursday, October 18, the z 2018 Finance Technology Awards İstanbul were announced. Factoring sector T.C. Tam Factoring, which has the only R & D center approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, was awarded the first place in the ilik Security and Fraud Management Project Su category with the projects it developed, and the second in the eler Big Data Analytics Project Tam category. At the award ceremony where 49 projects competed to be the best finance project of the year, the applications were evaluated by a jury of approximately 52 people, consisting of top executives of financial institutions.

Full Factoring The stimulating results of DLP and SIEM, which are born in R & D center, help to detect possible attacks and data leaks in the system, enable the system to produce intelligent action thanks to robotics process automation, t Smart Robot Application in Data Security sistem, the best of the year merkez Security and Fraud / Fraud Management Project ü was selected and won the first prize. In the ti Big Data Analytics Project ise category, the onay Exception Management in Credit Risk Modeling isinde project, which increased the credit volume by identifying the relatively safer demands of the current risk analysis and credit approval system, was the second prize.

Hakan Karamanlı, Senior Executive Vice President in charge of Credits, Analytical and Information Technologies, who spoke at the award ceremony, said: Sorumlu We see ourselves as a Fintech company with a factoring license. The increasing use of financial technologies with cognitive and artificial intelligence and the changing nature of the customer has made the digital transformation in the financial sector an absolute necessity for institutions. We enrich our customer experience process with customer-oriented strategies while digitizing and streamlining our operations processes with innovative solutions. We are the institution with the only R & D center of the factoring sector and we ensure that we become innovative and pioneer with the projects we develop. 

Providing fast and effective solutions to the financing needs of SMEs, Tam Faktoring has turned 27 thousand of 55 thousand customer requests into 2017 and reached a volume of TL 1.9 billion. Reaching 20,000 active customers in the first six months of 2018, the company grew by 97% compared to last year. Turkey, which records 32% growth over last year and 60 in the factoring market in which the company takes place, 28% of the active customer transactions carried out by full factoring.

About Tam Faktoring 
Established by the Actera Group in 2011, Tam Factoring provides rapid and effective solutions to the financing needs of SMEs. 9.5% of its shares The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) company has reached a distribution network of 33 branches in 21 cities and 20 thousand active customers with its fast growth strategy. Tam Factoring R & D Center approved by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in September 2017 is the first among non-bank financial institutions. In 2016, Tam Factoring was selected by the international CIO magazine as yıl one of the 100 companies that made the most effective contribution to the business by using technology in the world Tam. In 2017, Hakan Karamanlı, the Assistant General Manager in charge of Technology at Tam Faktoring, won the an Premier 100 Technology Leadership Award ında of Computerworld magazine.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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