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Three awards from Genesys to CCR!
Three awards from Genesys to CCR!

Three awards from Genesys to CCR!

Genesys, which support every year of managing the customer experience processes over 25 billion, has selected successful partners in Turkey. With over 20 years of experience in the call center industry, CCR has won 3 awards.

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Which operates in 120 countries and markets leading the worldwide contact center solutions, Genesys, the highest level in Turkey CRR Gold partner who was awarded 3 prizes. Turkey as well as Europe and CC providing services to the Middle East market, the institutional category "Best High Income Field Partner" and "Gold Partner", while the individual "Best Sales Personnel" was awarded the prize.

With over 20 years experience in the call center industry with technology and consulting services that CCR enterprise category in 2017 it achieved in Turkey's market turnover Genesys "Highest Revenue Partner Eden" won the prize. Certified Genesys experts received the ları Gold Partner es award for their high NPS (Net Promoter Score) score and technical support performance. Cem Durna Genesys, the Sales and Business Development Manager from CCR, has won the ’Best Sales Personnel en award in the individual category, which has the most significant share in high income growth.

Speaking about the awards, CCR CEO Türker Erkin said: We offer technical consultancy, service and new generation solutions in the field of customer experience and call center with our customers. Since our foundation, we have always worked hard to stay one step ahead. I believe that we have made a difference with our R&D department, sales team and technical support. 

In Europe and the Middle East, we continue to bring together the products of Genesys and CCR's own solutions and services. The awards we received and our steady rise in the IT 500 were indicative of our progress on the right track. Our most important partner in Europe with Genesys, we will continue to achieve great things in the Middle East and Turkey. "


About CCR 

Since the year 2011 call center and voice solutions for producing CCR, Genesys partner in Turkey, Europe and operates in the Middle East. CCR, which has the strongest technical team in the region, directs the sector with EasyConnect products developed with the original software and contributes to create a özgün perfect customer experience ği. The R & D department of CCR, headquartered in Kozyatağı, Istanbul, is located in Yıldız Technical University İkitelli Technopark Campus. The CCR also offers technical consultancy, service and next-generation solutions to the Middle East through its office in Zurich since 2014, to the Middle East through its office in Dubai since 2017, and in the area of customer experience and call center. CCR has local and global references in many sectors such as banking, insurance, telecommunications, energy, manufacturing, healthcare, e-commerce.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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