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Digital Carnet of the Exporting Giants
Digital Carnet of the Exporting Giants

Digital Carnet of the Exporting Giants

According to a review of the B2B e-commerce platform Xpann.com, 22% of the top 50 exporting companies with a total export volume of $ 44 billion a year do not have foreign language support. The share of e-exports is expected to increase by 1% and an additional volume of 1.5 billion dollars will be created in total exports.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - as a competitor to Global B2B trade platform, I started to serve xpann.co In May 2018, Turkey was examining the 50 largest exporters of websites and social media accounts. According to the survey, 94% of the companies have a website but 78% of them have a foreign language option. LinkedIn was the most preferred social media platform of companies with a total export volume of over $ 44 billion in 2017, while the most preferred social network was Instagram with 38%. In the study, which emphasized the importance of digitalization, e-export forecasts for the future were also included. Turkey's total exports with a rise of 1.5 billion in only 1% of the annual total exports in place of 3-exports with a share of about a thousand dollars to envision additional volume will be created.

Exporters do not produce foreign language content for their target groups in social networks.

I Xpann.co, where most of Turkey's 50 largest exporters explained that the use of social media platform LinkedIn. LinkedIn, which was used by 82% of companies, was followed by Facebook with 58%, Twitter with 44% and YouTube with 42%. The least preferred social media platform of the companies was Instagram with 38%. In the study, the languages of the contents shared in social networks were also examined. Twitter and Facebook are the most shared media channels with 30%, followed by Instagram with 28% and YouTube with 26%.

In the short term, an additional export volume of $ 1.5 billion can be generated by e-export!

According to World Trade Organization data, Turkey is ranked 31st in the world with 157 billion dollars in exports. The share of the total exports in the world that meets the 9 thousand in total exports of Turkey's e-economy level remains at 3 per thousand. Founder of Xpann.com, Founder of Xpann.com, said: uc 7 out of 10 people in Europe are doing cross-border online shopping. Opening abroad of our companies to come to this level, our country also needs to be and digitalization focus on innovation. "Filikc indicating that the orientation e-export of conventional retailers in the world," the total export share in e-exportation in Turkey with the only rise 1 percent from the three thousandths 1.5 We can create an additional export volume of $ 1 billion. milyar Filikci pointed out the importance of digitalization in order to achieve these targets. “When we look at the top 50 retailers of our country, we identified those who do not have a website and who do not produce content in foreign languages. While this is the case, it is much more difficult for SMEs to participate in e-exports. At Xpann.com, we will continue to support our manufacturers to reach major markets and to integrate them into e-commerce.

About XPANN 
Launched as of May 2018, xpann.com was created as an online marketplace application that allows import and export transactions between companies. Directed by a Danish-based team, Xpann.com has registered more than 10,000 suppliers in the first three months, with more than 1 million products listed. Xpann distinguishes itself from its competitors, creating a micro site for each vendor and supporting suppliers in payment systems and logistics.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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