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Doping Turkey’s economy: export email!
Doping Turkey’s economy: export email!

Doping Turkey’s economy: export email!

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ISTANBUL (TR) - By the end of 2018 approaching $ 3 trillion global e-commerce volume in Turkey increased by 350% last 5 years has exceeded 45 billion Turkish lira. European Statistical Office (Eurostat), according to prepared by the e-commerce data, 69% of Internet users in 34 countries located in Europe while performing online shopping in 2018, this ratio stayed at 35% level while in Turkey. In terms of e-commerce per capita, England ranked first with 22.215 TL, followed by France with 10.280 TL and Germany with 6.784. Turkey is per person in e-commerce in 2018 spent about £ 1,055. With the effect of commercial freedoms, one of the 3 Europeans shopping online ordered orders from abroad.

This rapid growth in e-commerce led to export via e-commerce in European countries after Asian countries. The incentives and investment in Turkey gained momentum in 2018 with the share of exports in total exports still e-watching in 3 levels in a thousand. Among the biggest reasons for this decline in numbers is that Turkish companies do not know how to do e-exports. Turkeyol, founded by Turkish entrepreneur Yusuf Yeniturkogullari, aims to make this process understandable with the e-export platform that facilitates the wholesale sales of the producers in our country. The system started in January 2019 and supported in 5 languages; It focuses on Germany, Russia, Eastern Europe and Middle East countries.

Secure payment method in e-export: Secure Trade

Only the B2B trade platform focused on wholesale sales abroad from Turkey Turkeyol, buyers and vendors, as well as all the solutions required by international trade offers end to end hosting services within the partners. The platform; To facilitate the communication between the buyer and the seller include companies for translation companies, audit companies for product control, logistics companies for shipment and legal consulting companies for contracts with all legal regulations. Turkeyol Founder Yusuf Yenitürkoğulları stated that they had established an advanced payment infrastructure with the inde Secure Trade inde sub-brand for the secure trade between the sellers and buyers. Thanks to this security infrastructure, we use the advanced cryptography algorithms to provide the buyers with all the necessary protection for the amount they pay, while the sellers are required to ship their products and receive the payments at the right time.

Yenitürkoğul while underlining that they want to provide added value to Turkey's economy, all companies that want to step up to September 2019 E-export could also benefit from free membership in Turkeyol underlines.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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