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Female hand not worth the loss of Turkey’s economy 20%!
Female hand not worth the loss of Turkey’s economy 20%!

Female hand not worth the loss of Turkey’s economy 20%!

States, central banks and economists are looking for ways to accelerate the slowing economy around the world. However, if women and men closing the wide gap in labor force participation rate is only 20% the size of the GDP will be economic contribution to Turkey's economy. E-commerce opportunities in the participation of women in the labor force saw the Ideasoft, the first e-commerce training with women entrepreneurs within the KAGİDER.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), according to study data agree with the economy only 3.2 million of the 10 million women of working age labor force in Turkey. The overall average of OECD member countries is 52%. 4 million women should be included in the economic value in order to close the labor force participation rate between men and women. In the case of women joining the labor force on an equal basis with men, there may be 20% economic contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). E-commerce Ideasoft believes that women's big potential in the labor force participation, Turkey Women Entrepreneurs Association (KAGİDER) members and "Proje15 Women Entrepreneurs Development Program" with the participation of women entrepreneurs in the scope was first performed e-commerce training. Within the scope of the training, Hepsiburada, iyzico, UPS and Ideasoft managers talked about the basic processes of e-commerce.

Each year, over 30% growth Turkey e-commerce market in more women entrepreneurs stating they intended to locate Ideasoft Chairman following was passed Seyhan Özkara: "Ideasoft as in Turkey e-commerce sector, we have about 50% market share. This situation also increases our responsibility towards society. It is clear that the increase in female labor force and gender equality positively reflects the economic growth and profitability of countries. We will continue to support the Women Entrepreneurs Support Seminars that we started in 2018 in order to reveal this potential in our country. In 2019, we will continue to support women entrepreneurs in KAGİDER, local governments, women's co-operatives, foundations and associations. 

About Ideasoft
Since 2005, it is offering web and mobile-based software solutions company, Turkey's leading e-commerce continues to operate as an infrastructure provider. It continues to work as a technology company that produces competitiveness, creates added value, produces quality projects and solutions in the process of realizing business goals of companies of all sizes.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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