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Market purchases go to the subscription system
Market purchases go to the subscription system

Market purchases go to the subscription system.

Consumers who want to save time and money are turning to sharing economy. 40% of those who shop online supermarket in Turkey, according to the research needs with wants to get continuous monthly subscription model. As a solution to this need, the domestic enterprise AydanAyda.com has reached 100,000 members in 6 months.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Sharing Economy, which brings together many different ecosystems, has entered a rapid upward trend. With the new economy approach, which consumers pay away from the expectation of ownership and paid as much as they consume, subscription models have emerged in many products, especially in the US from grocery shopping to consumer electronics. On the basis of the saving economy, the sharing economy allows many new business ideas to emerge. Turkey also has reached 100,000 members in such a short time with the traditional subscription model instead of buying affordable shopping in the retail sector model demonstrating aydanaya.co 6 months. The initiative, which started to serve as a marketplace for supermarket purchases in July 2018, has received an investment of 1 million USD from ZMT Ventures Venture Capital.

AydanAya.com reached 1 million pounds in 6 months.

AydanAya.com, which allows consumers to subscribe to the products of their choice without having to go to the market every time for the products they consume, conveys the orders to the consumers with free shipping at the specified frequency. AydanAya.com, which reaches a sales volume of 1 million pounds in 6 months, brings consumers together with the consumer without intermediaries and saves time for consumers to supply the appropriate price and frequently consumed products. The monthly repetitive order number increased by 20% each month, while the 67% of the platform members think that the subscription system provided by AydanAya.com is innovative. The platform prevents consumers from making surplus instant purchases in the markets.

40% of online grocery stores want to buy their needs through a subscription system.

in 2018 by the Twentify research company in Turkey "Consumers Supermarket Shopping Habits" According to the survey, 74% of consumers stating that an order from the internet to supermarket shopping, the ratio of those who does all the grocery shopping from the internet 4.3%. 40% of those who answered the question veren Would you use it if you had the option to subscribe to the grocery shopping ver answered the answer. In the ranking of the products to be subscribed, the toilet paper is in the first place with 90% ratio, toothpaste with 87% and shampoo with 78% in the 2nd place. According to the results of the research, the frequency of product delivery for supermarket shopping is 44% and once a month.

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