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The blue cruise has become accessible with the boat rental platform!
The blue cruise has become accessible with the boat rental platform!

After many years, yacht tourism has been preferred again over the last few years. Viravira.co, the boat rental platform established to bring the idle capacity in the yacht sector to the economy, has turned its route into Europe with a market size of 6 billion EURO.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) data, Turkey, the number of tourists in excess of 40 million ranks among the world's most-visited 10 countries. Tourists coming to Turkey generally prefer the hotel while holiday, or remaining idle for many years tourism has started to attract attention again in recent years. The Mediterranean dish, where 70% of all yacht and yacht charters in the world are realized, stands out with a commercial volume of 6 billion Euros. The yacht tourism, called the blue voyage, was once called a luxury hobby; it was now accessible by alternative boat and yacht charter methods and became one of the fastest growing tourism types in the world. Born in 2016, mainly in Turkey and the Mediterranean, 22 countries and offers online boat rental service in 250 locations Viravira.co, 120 thousand dollars, it aims to expand in the European market with its first investment.

Growth in the target European market

Emre Küçüközkan, the Founding Partner of Viravira.co, stated that they aim to grow in the European market with the investment they have received. Kan We are working on a project that will increase the quality of our service by making all the boats in our platform accessible in real time. Boat tourism is a strategic market in our country which is a peninsula surrounded by seas on three sides. Our expectations from the coming summer season are big. Our first target is to expand our operations abroad, especially in Europe. Along with Turkey, Greece and Croatia in particular we are focusing on markets. We want to be one of the few domestic enterprises to open abroad by taking advantage of the low competitive environment in Europe. ’ Küçüközkan also said that they received very high demand with the 50.000 visitors per month since the winter months and that the users spent an average of 3 minutes on the website.

"Boat rental rates start from 20 - 25 Euros per person per day."

Referring to the boat rental prices, Küçüközkan said: “Rental prices are calculated on the basis of measurements such as capacity, height, construction year. As the summer months are approaching, with increasing demand, our guests can benefit from early booking discounts by planning their holidays in advance. At the same time, we offer our users a discount of up to 60% by negotiating with the boat owners. Thanks to our large boat pool and our competitive policy, it is possible to make a boat break with prices starting from 20-25 Euros per person per day.

As being a marketplace initiative only giving the service to boat owners not to tenants Viravira.co, Turkey's leading companies, loyalty platforms and service providers with his corporate business partnerships with boat owners already have access without a large demand pool to reach and also to reduce their marketing expenses It helps.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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