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Every year more than 15 million people are shopping for furniture online.
Every year more than 15 million people are shopping for furniture online.

The generation that says “I don’t buy furniture without seeing it” is going into history. More than 15 million people per year are shopping for furniture online. Digital transformation is expected to continue increasing momentum in the furniture sector in Turkey and in the world.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The furniture sector, like all sectors, is rapidly digitalizing. Believing, without measuring the furniture without saying that the belt, leaving the smartphone to a generation of furniture leaves. Trend Furniture, prepared by Google, dijital The Role of Digital in the Purchase of Furniture mobilya report, evaluated the digitalized consumer behavior in the furniture sector. While more than 15 million consumers spend online shopping online, searches for product groups such as ’shopping list for home decoration dan increased by more than 150% in the last two years. The volume of searches such as ın what to buy for the living room ’,‘ what to buy for the bedroom iki to discover specific products has grown more than 50% in the last two years. 49% of internet searches for furniture exchanges did not include the brand name, while the percentage of branded furniture purchased on the internet reached 50%.

The online consumer is getting more persuaded: 53% of the same day furniture purchase rate!

Trend Furniture, which examines the new generation consumer behavior, reveals that consumers who make furniture shopping online make a decision to buy faster than the shoppers. With the help of detailed research facilities such as price comparison, brand inquiry and viewing consumer experiences, not only because of the facilities it provides, it also makes an average of 14.2 calls. 63% of these internet researches resulted in a purchase within a week, while the number of consumers making the purchase decision on the same day was 53%.

The choice of generation Y in furniture exchange, smartphones.

S Mobile Furniture is a rapidly growing share of the furniture industry, mobil said Murat Erat, a co-founder of Trend Furniture. it is, ediy he said. Murat Erat stated that the biggest share in the acceleration gained by mobile shopping belonged to Y generation. The Y generation is also differentiated by expectations. 41% of consumers are loyal to brands that offer personalized products and opportunities, while 32% of Y generation consumers give importance to free delivery. 

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